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What my dad said . . .

Patriot Act, secret courts, new data collection in Utah, the lies upon lies from those we elect and those appointed, IRS, NSA, antagonizing the ignorant into false racial frenzy, and perhaps false flags . . . My dad and I talked government and religion in detail . . . This goes back to the conversations I had with my dad – he said said the absolute best government is that of a TRULY BENEVOLENT AND JUST KING. More and more, i see the wisdom of his words – for we have a self appointed King that is not just or benevolent, and our Congress doesn’t merely border on ridiculous, and judges are merely Minions.
What I believe is etched in my heart and soul. My allegiance is to the U.S. Constitution. My only King is Jesus.

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Just a fun comment

George Strait will be soooo happy they named the baby after him!!!!

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I Wish You Would Listen To Me Instead of the President

It is hard to be heard when most do not have the status of the United States President . . . but I am going to try. I know, I tried to keep it brief today, but the news just made me sick. Barely anyone in the U.S. today has ever owned a slave, and yet slavery around the world exists today – especially the sex slave industry. You will forgive me, then, if I tell you that I am sick of the “black advantage” due to some over a hundred year old slavery issue. AMERICAN WHITE BLOOD BIGGER THAN ANY AMERICAN BLOOD OF ANY OF OUR WARS WAS SPILLED AND PAID THE PRICE OF SLAVERY; enough about slavery from over a hundred years ago. If you want to solve a slave problem, stop the sex industry of stolen children of all colors.

When will the Black population grow up and take responsibility for the crime statistics? They know, and we know that Black on Black crime is the Black population’s chief problem to solve. The destruction of the Black family by the very Democratic officials Black folks vote for is criminal. The war on Poverty, is simply billions upon billions spent enslaving poor folks by a system of dependence – not independence.

The percentages of the Black community committing crime compared to the percentages of the White community is almost insanely showing how much larger the crime problem is among Black folks. I feel bad for you, but I am not willing to ignore what the President said today. He is showing huge irresponsibility to talk about the poor Black folks the way he does. President Obama has had so much ADVANTAGE getting to the Presidency, it might be said that the amount of help he has had in his life, even compared to most White people makes his statements ridiculous.  He hasn’t a clue what it is like to be me or most Americans of any color.

The primary people in America who are racist today are Black people, and it is criminally negligent to egg a people on with false statements as to incite violence – the same as calling fire in a crowded theater.

The question that is relevant to the Martin / Zimmerman case is this . . . IF YOU HAD TRAYVON  MARTIN ON TOP OF YOU (No matter what color your skin is), POUNDING YOUR HEAD REPEATEDLY INTO THE CEMENT, WOULD YOU JUST LAY THERE AND LET HIM STRIKE YOUR HEAD TO THE KILLING BLOW ANY SECOND, OR WOULD YOU SHOOT HIM AND SAVE YOUR LIFE? Period. Of course, no one would do that to the President, so the President perhaps has a protected view of such violence. What about all the people who the President and the Ghetto Pimps are egging on to violence? They don’t have that protection, and I would ask the President and the Ghetto Pimps to stop egging on violence, and ask themselves that question. Martin and Zimmerman BOTH had the right to walk America’s sidewalks. There is nothing either man could have said to the other that justifies being on top of another person pounding their head into the concrete. Period.

The President and the main stream media has used the Martin /  Zimmerman case to do two things:
1. Divert your attention from the other lies regarding Benghazi, Fast and Furious, IRS Scandal, etc. etc. etc.
2.  Cause a rift between Black and White to constantly egg Americans of different skin color to be so mad that these politicians hope to push the citizens to uncontrolled violence so the government can lock down the nation, and take our rights away from us . . . and the change they never explained will happen, and America will not believe she fell for the same crap that Germans fell for, that Cubans fell for, and Russians fell for, etc. etc. etc.

Yes, I am sick of this crap being perpetrated upon the good American people. Don’t you fall for it. You stay peaceful and work out your problems locally among the millions upon millions who are not racist.

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CARNEY IS AN ASS . . . WHAT ELSE CAN YOU SAY ABOUT THIS? I expect that Zimmerman and parents need the same effort as The Witness Protection Program AT MINIMUM for their safety. Obama interjected himself with a racist statement and does owe Zimmerman an apology. I, however, am not holding my breath . . . instead, I am praying for Zimmerman and his parents safety.

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Human Nature, whether we are talking about one person or a group of people, is the same everywhere. It is the cause and effect of millions of individuals living their lives in agreed upon similar fashion that creates truly great and positive nations. The opposite would be individuals living their lives in conflict and chaos that creates truly meager and negative nations. Some societies lost control over their outcome a long time ago, and it is almost like they do not have human genes, but instead, the genes of some self-destructive species. Some societies are so far into their dysfunction as to be anti-life. Sadly, America has been slowly, but steadily on this destructive path for about a hundred years. Why sad? There has been no other nation of great providence and human endeavor on earth like America, and she is losing her life-blood in a day by day deterioration. Whether all humankind around the world realizes it or not, their anger at America is primarily caused by their individual loss of hope deep in their souls. Where America goes – so goes the world.

When America was in her founding years, and even through the immediate decades after WWII, she gave hope to the rest of the world. Immigrants came to America to become Americans, and to live the American dream. The American dream was tied up in families of faith and values, education, and positive endeavors. Sinister anti-American forces have slowly deteriorated our educational system, our family system, our Judeo-Christian value system and morality, our state and federal governments, and even our military. The deterioration is like a cancer that grew so slowly, we scarcely noticed it until it accelerated in the last few decades.

Historically, our culture has been a culture of life, liberty, and man’s pursuit of property and fraternity yielding respect and reverence for our very faith guided providence and productive reason. Our natural enemies understand what I am about to share with you. I tell you freely that I am not only Christian, but have had an occasion to witness (many years ago) a miracle in the form of divine connection and revelation. I believe that God wanted me to come to Christianity without ever joining a church – or being involved in any certain Christian denomination for much time. I actually believe the denominations are presently dividing us, but that thought process has been covered in older commentaries. What I wish to share with you has come to me through direct experience in life, and my quest to educate myself regarding reasons for dysfunction in families, and how to fix it.

Yesterday, I had an epiphany regarding the mass anti-life behavior of many in America, and why America is in a systemic destruction sequence. I think I have direct experience with the phenomenon that is killing our Republic. I believe our enemies understand it very well. If it is God’s will, then there isn’t much we can do about it. But, we are not supposed to make such assumptions. As long as we are here on planet earth, we are supposed to carry on in love and in positive endeavor until such time as God, our Creator, decides it is time for Him to take direct action.

When I sought help to understand why I was a dysfunctional person I had to examine who I am in some detail. So much of who I was did not need any fixing . . . responsible, hard-working, and I loved being a wife and mother. My emotions were the dysfunction that did a self-destruct when picking a partner. I had an immature victim mentality that needed to evolve into maturity. My emotional pendulum was way out in some unhealthy zone of existence. I was warned by a very smart psychologist that upon correction my emotional pendulum would swing way out in the extreme opposite direction. One of two possible outcomes would happen in time. Either my emotional pendulum would level out in the middle healthy zones of existence, or it would erroneously stay way out there in a zone that is not conducive for a peaceful and happy life. For me those extreme zones consisted of the victim zone at one end of the pendulum swing, and the other extreme end of that pendulum swing is one who abuses others either mentally or physically. Thankfully, it settled about center, and I have been in a harmonious relationship with John since 1995. Our marriage is considered to be an amazingly happy and healthy example to follow by those that know us.

So, the epiphany . . .
In the first hundred years of America’s existence there was so much good happening that men and women with excellent values worked hard to not rock the boat of all the good things while trying to end the practice of slavery. Slavery has existed around the globe from almost the beginning of time. Today, for example, sexual slavery exists around the globe in abundance. At the time of America’s founding Black men and White men engaged in the slave trade. It should be noted that the majority of Americans did not own slaves, and many worked to end slavery from the very beginning. Only 25% of Colonial Americans owned slaves – and some of those slave owners were themselves Black. “Approximately 625,000 men died in the Civil War, more Americans than in World War I, World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War combined. If the names of the Civil War dead were arranged like the names on the Vietnam Memorial, it would stretch over 10 times the wall’s length.”(1) Over 90% of the troops were White, and the balance of the troops was primarily Black.

White Americans paid a huge price for the cause of ending slavery in America. For those Americans today who are descendants of Civil War troops, I say to you that we paid our debt to America’s slaves in our ancestor’s blood. Many Americans, like me, are descended from immigrants who came to America after the era of slavery. Our enemies within America have been like our “psychologist” whom made us feel ashamed for slavery of which we are not the guilty parties. Most of us are no more responsible for the problems of the Black American than we are for the existence of fish in the sea. These same enemy “psychologist” in America, has kept the Black people in poverty, while stirring them up in hate and racism. The Black Americans who are not consumed with hate and racism are those who are involved in their education and endeavors of their hearts desires – the same as White Americans. The majority of the violence perpetrated upon Black people in America, is directly caused by other Black people in America – Black on Black crime is epidemic in proportion. The “Black Ghetto Pimps” keep their fellow Black Americans down with lies and social programs that do not improve any Black person’s situation in life one iota. These primarily Black “Pimps” get rich off of the misery they have created for their race.

America’s psychological pendulum has swung from a society sickened and horrified with the disease of slavery, to a society sick with false White guilt, and Black prejudices and hate instigated and perpetrated on a deliberately dumbed down society. The liberal and progressive political force in America has purposely enslaved the votes of the Black population by breaking up their families and giving just enough welfare to make them dependent – NOT INDEPENDENT. Even though the majority of Baby Boomers were actively involved in reversing racism by raising our children to be color blind, the “Pimps”, and our political enemies within, have been busy inciting division and racism. America’s psychological pendulum swung from one end of the spectrum to the other end, and it needs to come back to center for America to be the nation we were designed to be. For that to happen, every American citizen must wake up from the hypnotism that controls us, and reject the enemies within and the “Pimps.” We must unite and be the united force for a non-violent, centered and healthy America. We must unite and elect from among ourselves men of the uniting vision of Martin Luther King – by judging each other based on our character, and NOT the color of our skin. Our human souls have no color.

When the world sees us through the lens of our renewed Judeo-Christian values, we will once again be the nation others want to emulate. We must unite and reject all of the crap our enemy has lured us to:
–     the anti-life television shows and movies inundated with violence and negative morality lessons that desensitize our offspring and ourselves;
–     the multitudes of laws that seek to make law-breakers out of all citizens in order to control them like animals;
–     the trend in our Administration, Judiciary, and Congress to NOT DO THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE;
–     the trends in our Administration, Judiciary, and Congress to destroy our American Citizens Bill of Rights and our Constitution;
–     the trends in our Administration, Judiciary, and Congress to destroy all endeavors of the small to medium businesses which are Americas #1 employers;
–     the trends in our Administration, Judiciary, and Congress to condone the destructive type of Capitalism that they seek to replace American Capitalism with – their evil Crony Capitalism of un-holy alliance between government and business;
–     the trends in our Administration,  Judiciary, and Congress to punish those of Christian faith (80% of Americans – more than a super-majority);
–     the trends in our Administration, Judiciary, and Congress to give money and arms to America’s known enemies, and to infiltrate our nation with those same enemies.

We must come together in making sure that our next elections, whether they are local, state, or federal are fair elections. The biased media has tried to explain away all of the gross inconsistencies of our last many elections of which both sides of the aisle have been proven to be elections that are manipulated. American citizens must become involved in all phases of their local, state and federal elections.

Most importantly, Americans must mend her divisions among the population of citizens and come back to the healthy center in faith, family, endeavor, and in politics. We have sheer numbers of good citizens on our side when we peacefully heal ourselves in the following ways:
–     Recognize that the majority of Democrats and Republicans who run those political machines are in cahoots against a healthy America.
–     Recognize that the Christian Denominations have been infiltrated to teach hate in some instances, or to teach radical division in some instances, or to teach the worst example of all – secular religion taking away your personal relationship with the Lord. Salvation is a personal experience between each person and the Lord – NOT a group project.
–     Love and Charity are personal experiences – not to be farmed out to the government who cannot even balance their own budget, and cannot keep the graft at a low level. Why would you farm your responsibilities out to the government that cannot reign in their own corruption?

THE TIME IS NOW TO STOP THINKING THAT SAVING AMERICA FROM THE ENEMIES WITHIN IS SOMEONE ELSE’S RESPONSIBILITY. Once upon a time we taught our school children a Civics class. In Civics we learned what our rights and responsibilities are in our REPRESENTATIVE REPUBLIC. We are not, and have never been, a Democracy. A true Democracy always deteriorates fairly rapidly into mob-rule melting down into a Dictatorship, or Fascist State, or Communist State – depending on the thugs who take control the fastest. Sometimes this is done by military force; sometimes it is done over time by propaganda. In Egypt we are seeing the fruits of their people’s try for Democracy – they ignorantly voted for a Dictatorship – and soon the bigger thugs took over, and now it will probably become a Theocracy – rule by Sharia Law – against the will of the people who were looking for freedom in their rebellion, but not thinking far enough ahead to have a plan for their liberty.

What happens to America – whether her pendulum stays way out in extreme parameters of human life – or comes back to center where life is in positive arenas – the outcome is totally up to each individual American. Once upon a time in America, the American dream was viewed as something to strive for, such was so because the core of faith in America was sweet and wholesome. My favorite Bible verses have been so because if we focus on these verses first, we will heal:

Philippians 4:4 – 4:9     “Rejoice in the Lord always: [and] again I say, Rejoice. Let your moderation be known unto all men. The Lord [is] at hand. Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.
Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things [are] honest, whatsoever things [are] just, whatsoever things [are] pure, whatsoever things [are] lovely, whatsoever things [are] of good report; if [there be] any virtue, and if [there be] any praise, think on these things.
Those things, which ye have both learned, and received, and heard, and seen in me, do: and the God of peace shall be with you.”

I beg of you to examine your family, and your individual endeavors of work and of entertainment against these virtues and be honest with yourself about the work you and your family members need to do to be part of the solution, instead of part of America’s destruction. It is your call, and time is very, very short if America is to turn back to a Republic of great providence and human endeavor.


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Even as the warm fires of domesticity often flamed out rashly,
I never stopped expecting to find something of constant true love.
For I did learn about loves utterly complete insanity from them;
From my parent’s hellish passions shooting up to the stars above.

Even as my pseudo-love’s each lied and lead me on to betrayal,
I never stopped believing in you, and longing for imagined plurality.
For I lived in hundreds of fabled stories, and many historical books;
Where, for me, the characters created a mind of alternate reality.

Even as I often lived life and loved outrageously enough for two,
I never stopped dreaming and yearning for the possibility of you.
For with the Lord I cried and prayed about how everything works,
And about a place where hope and faith would bloom two by two.

Even as my children loved me with their complex and guilty games,
I never stopped believing  in the familial ties that forever bind me;
For I always felt their sweet, complete and devoted childish loving,
In the back and forth of power play, praying each child to mind me.

As I prayed on my knees for a God-sent end to my matured loneliness,
The Lord delighted in my ever faithful quests and hopes of new chances;
He matched my inner needs and desires with truth and sweet romancing,
By choosing for me a forever love, and a precious love, for my last dances.

Over the many years, and with much tears, my parents have now transcended;
Old loves are long forgotten as the mind thankfully folds over the saddest parts;
Children are grown, very emotional leaving; now to others they forever cleave;
Leaving you and I to our romance, forever ordained, the entwining of two hearts.

Almost every single minute, of every hour, of every day with you my darling,
Each one a tiny reminder of our passionate beginning, and now our life’s love story.
Truly eternal marriage promises for you and I, as we are sheltered in His lovely light;
A gift so divine, and so very precious, that joyfully we give God His divinely due glory.

Copyright © 2013 by Juanita Holloway-Walters All Rights Reserved.

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