Even as the warm fires of domesticity often flamed out rashly,
I never stopped expecting to find something of constant true love.
For I did learn about loves utterly complete insanity from them;
From my parent’s hellish passions shooting up to the stars above.

Even as my pseudo-love’s each lied and lead me on to betrayal,
I never stopped believing in you, and longing for imagined plurality.
For I lived in hundreds of fabled stories, and many historical books;
Where, for me, the characters created a mind of alternate reality.

Even as I often lived life and loved outrageously enough for two,
I never stopped dreaming and yearning for the possibility of you.
For with the Lord I cried and prayed about how everything works,
And about a place where hope and faith would bloom two by two.

Even as my children loved me with their complex and guilty games,
I never stopped believing  in the familial ties that forever bind me;
For I always felt their sweet, complete and devoted childish loving,
In the back and forth of power play, praying each child to mind me.

As I prayed on my knees for a God-sent end to my matured loneliness,
The Lord delighted in my ever faithful quests and hopes of new chances;
He matched my inner needs and desires with truth and sweet romancing,
By choosing for me a forever love, and a precious love, for my last dances.

Over the many years, and with much tears, my parents have now transcended;
Old loves are long forgotten as the mind thankfully folds over the saddest parts;
Children are grown, very emotional leaving; now to others they forever cleave;
Leaving you and I to our romance, forever ordained, the entwining of two hearts.

Almost every single minute, of every hour, of every day with you my darling,
Each one a tiny reminder of our passionate beginning, and now our life’s love story.
Truly eternal marriage promises for you and I, as we are sheltered in His lovely light;
A gift so divine, and so very precious, that joyfully we give God His divinely due glory.

Copyright © 2013 by Juanita Holloway-Walters All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Donna Sekeres says:

    well done dear one. Hope the move wasn’t too taxing on the two of you. Congrats on that love, and your new home.

  2. Glenn Barnett says:

    Dear Juanita

    This may be your best piece and posting yet. It’s refreshing to read your point of view on never giving up and always expecting the best from others. This clearly works science tells us that if we expect one thing or another from someone they will usually fulfill the expectation. It certainly sounds as if you’ve done the work for both people in the past. It’s great to read the post from you and John and to see your partnership. Well sweet dreams I’m up way too late past my bedtime look forward to having you and John under our dinner table someday soon cheers bye-bye

    Glenn Barnett (713) 416-4660 Sent via my iPhone

  3. Glenn Barnett says:

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