CARNEY IS AN ASS . . . WHAT ELSE CAN YOU SAY ABOUT THIS? I expect that Zimmerman and parents need the same effort as The Witness Protection Program AT MINIMUM for their safety. Obama interjected himself with a racist statement and does owe Zimmerman an apology. I, however, am not holding my breath . . . instead, I am praying for Zimmerman and his parents safety.

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One thought on “CARNEY IS AN ASS

  1. Socrates said The base of all wisdom is empathy. Clearly Mr. Carney has neither wisdom more empathy. Your correct Juanita, Carney is an ass. This entire administration is a blight on America. We are absolutely doing everything we can to monetize as many of our possessions as we can and then move our money offshore (Canada and the Uk) before 2015. We won’t have any money here when Obama is in his last year. Great article – Thank you.

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