I Wish You Would Listen To Me Instead of the President

It is hard to be heard when most do not have the status of the United States President . . . but I am going to try. I know, I tried to keep it brief today, but the news just made me sick. Barely anyone in the U.S. today has ever owned a slave, and yet slavery around the world exists today – especially the sex slave industry. You will forgive me, then, if I tell you that I am sick of the “black advantage” due to some over a hundred year old slavery issue. AMERICAN WHITE BLOOD BIGGER THAN ANY AMERICAN BLOOD OF ANY OF OUR WARS WAS SPILLED AND PAID THE PRICE OF SLAVERY; enough about slavery from over a hundred years ago. If you want to solve a slave problem, stop the sex industry of stolen children of all colors.

When will the Black population grow up and take responsibility for the crime statistics? They know, and we know that Black on Black crime is the Black population’s chief problem to solve. The destruction of the Black family by the very Democratic officials Black folks vote for is criminal. The war on Poverty, is simply billions upon billions spent enslaving poor folks by a system of dependence – not independence.

The percentages of the Black community committing crime compared to the percentages of the White community is almost insanely showing how much larger the crime problem is among Black folks. I feel bad for you, but I am not willing to ignore what the President said today. He is showing huge irresponsibility to talk about the poor Black folks the way he does. President Obama has had so much ADVANTAGE getting to the Presidency, it might be said that the amount of help he has had in his life, even compared to most White people makes his statements ridiculous.  He hasn’t a clue what it is like to be me or most Americans of any color.

The primary people in America who are racist today are Black people, and it is criminally negligent to egg a people on with false statements as to incite violence – the same as calling fire in a crowded theater.

The question that is relevant to the Martin / Zimmerman case is this . . . IF YOU HAD TRAYVON  MARTIN ON TOP OF YOU (No matter what color your skin is), POUNDING YOUR HEAD REPEATEDLY INTO THE CEMENT, WOULD YOU JUST LAY THERE AND LET HIM STRIKE YOUR HEAD TO THE KILLING BLOW ANY SECOND, OR WOULD YOU SHOOT HIM AND SAVE YOUR LIFE? Period. Of course, no one would do that to the President, so the President perhaps has a protected view of such violence. What about all the people who the President and the Ghetto Pimps are egging on to violence? They don’t have that protection, and I would ask the President and the Ghetto Pimps to stop egging on violence, and ask themselves that question. Martin and Zimmerman BOTH had the right to walk America’s sidewalks. There is nothing either man could have said to the other that justifies being on top of another person pounding their head into the concrete. Period.

The President and the main stream media has used the Martin /  Zimmerman case to do two things:
1. Divert your attention from the other lies regarding Benghazi, Fast and Furious, IRS Scandal, etc. etc. etc.
2.  Cause a rift between Black and White to constantly egg Americans of different skin color to be so mad that these politicians hope to push the citizens to uncontrolled violence so the government can lock down the nation, and take our rights away from us . . . and the change they never explained will happen, and America will not believe she fell for the same crap that Germans fell for, that Cubans fell for, and Russians fell for, etc. etc. etc.

Yes, I am sick of this crap being perpetrated upon the good American people. Don’t you fall for it. You stay peaceful and work out your problems locally among the millions upon millions who are not racist.

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One thought on “I Wish You Would Listen To Me Instead of the President

  1. Donna Sekeres says:

    Bravo!! I again agree with you. Computer got fried in the storm the other night, and Todd just left, he helped Bruce get us working again.. So hello.

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