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Food For Thought

As we learn new concepts in quantum mechanics . . . literally upending what was revered as scientific fact, I am dwelling on time and the scriptures. Bear with me. Rapture thinking . . . Those loved departed, whether last week or a thousand years ago . . . When they read Revelation and believed the end times were at hand, they were all correct since they are no longer in the realm of time God created. For all departed true faithful through thousands of years, it is the same for them as is for The Lord . . . One day is as a thousand and a thousand is as one. For one generation, the end time will be a double reality on Earth, and outside of time.

It takes an open mind to understand the scriptures at face value. Based on my understanding of the scriptures, we are in the end times approaching rapture and tribulation in relative short time order. I am watchful, as described – not that I know the exact hour or the day.

I am almost struck breathless when I witness a society willing to believe in all manner of witchcraft, and yet so many scoff at the idea of their Creator. You have DNA in the form of a unique digital information code that belongs to each of you – God’s signature on each individual soul. Men are largely believers of concepts such as ghosts and UFO’s, and yet scoff that they actually come from God’s spiritual realm. Heaven forbid that SETI has yet to make one contact with little green men from other planets.

Science has, however, proven that we are living in a digital existence that is inside a larger realm. We have 4 knowable dimensions, and at minimum 6 more that science has proven exist but are not directly knowable to us. Without them advanced science is unable to do ‘the math.’ Nahmanides (rabbi 12th century) speaking of Genesis believed there were perhaps ten dimensions by way of the creation scriptures.

In my direct experience of fervently praying for the specific knowledge of how God could be connected to all of us at once, I was gifted with a revelation / miracle by sight. What I saw, I believe, being securely on the planet at that time, WAS the constraints of the other dimensions lifted. I have come to realize in recent years is that such a revelation is to be shared . . . And to heck with anyone who discounts my personal experience. I, myself came to think after more than a decade that perhaps I was mistaken . . . Only then for it to happen again to address my self doubt. It has been more than a decade since the 2nd experience, and I will never doubt it again. Existing for several minutes in all of the dimensions is almost indescribable, and glorious. It was where I was that also affected my perceptions to have no capacity for stress or worrying at all. Once the miracle ended I very much was unhappy about being constrained in only 4 knowable dimensions again, but that dissipated completely in a few days. I am vey much happy to be here with my husband.

We, on Earth, have been fighting a morality battle that also rages all around us outside of time, in the supernatural realm of God and other of God’s creations. We obviously hunger for our part in the battle between good and evil, because we spend millions reading books about it, and watching movies about it.
I am amazed that anyone wonders why America is not in the end times prophecies in the Bible. We have been loosing the morality battle in America for many decades. Billy Graham once said that if God does not punish the immoral in America, He will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah. Look around you. We must each decide for ourselves if we are to continue the trends in America to defend the immoral at the expense of the moral. Today, it may not always make you popular, (and fence sitting is as bad as siding openly with the immoral) but if you are a moral soul, it requires your words and actions to be counted among the Godly. The destiny of your immortal soul counts on your active participation.

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