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Even as the warm fires of domesticity often flamed out rashly,
I never stopped expecting to find something of constant true love.
For I did learn about loves utterly complete insanity from them;
From my parent’s hellish passions shooting up to the stars above.

Even as my pseudo-love’s each lied and lead me on to betrayal,
I never stopped believing in you, and longing for imagined plurality.
For I lived in hundreds of fabled stories, and many historical books;
Where, for me, the characters created a mind of alternate reality.

Even as I often lived life and loved outrageously enough for two,
I never stopped dreaming and yearning for the possibility of you.
For with the Lord I cried and prayed about how everything works,
And about a place where hope and faith would bloom two by two.

Even as my children loved me with their complex and guilty games,
I never stopped believing  in the familial ties that forever bind me;
For I always felt their sweet, complete and devoted childish loving,
In the back and forth of power play, praying each child to mind me.

As I prayed on my knees for a God-sent end to my matured loneliness,
The Lord delighted in my ever faithful quests and hopes of new chances;
He matched my inner needs and desires with truth and sweet romancing,
By choosing for me a forever love, and a precious love, for my last dances.

Over the many years, and with much tears, my parents have now transcended;
Old loves are long forgotten as the mind thankfully folds over the saddest parts;
Children are grown, very emotional leaving; now to others they forever cleave;
Leaving you and I to our romance, forever ordained, the entwining of two hearts.

Almost every single minute, of every hour, of every day with you my darling,
Each one a tiny reminder of our passionate beginning, and now our life’s love story.
Truly eternal marriage promises for you and I, as we are sheltered in His lovely light;
A gift so divine, and so very precious, that joyfully we give God His divinely due glory.

Copyright © 2013 by Juanita Holloway-Walters All Rights Reserved.

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