I try not to bore anyone who happens upon my blog, or my friends for whom I post items on FB. For that reason, I do not post every day. When you see a post from me, you will know I thought it worth my time and yours.

At the end of this short writing is a video from Ted Cruz that I recommend. As I listened to Senator Cruz, I am singularly proud of this statesman, and I pray he continues to be an honorable man. I do feel compelled to give testimony to young women regarding how they will feel in future decades about decisions made as a young adult.

My first child is 40 years old – a healthy and lovely girl child born in spite of my health problems specific to being female. My second child miscarried early in the second trimester. Such sorrow, I cannot adequately describe in words. Seen by several specialists for a few years, I was told it would be doubtful I would conceive again, and if I did, I wouldn’t be able to carry the child.

My now ex-husband declared to me that if I could not give him a son, he wanted a divorce. A marriage killing statement, however, I was pregnant at the time this was declared, and we just didn’t know it yet. Our son was born a month early and suffered an “immature stomach” for a few months. Once my son was a few months old, he became a very healthy child. The child survived ominous declarations when I first began visits to the obstetrician. Today, my son is 34 years old.

The post delivery weeks were difficult for many reasons. I was the chief bread-winner and the more responsible adult in my marriage. I returned to work at 2 weeks even though I was experiencing some debilitating medical post-delivery problems. I became pregnant almost immediately after giving birth to my son. I was back at work 2 months when I was told by my Ob/Gyn that I was pregnant, I would not be able to carry the child, – and he had scheduled a D&C for me early the next morning to stop the severe “.” problems. (This is difficult to talk about, but if you guys can suffer through the television commercials on this subject, I guess I can muddle through this testimony.) The decision had been made for me. My health would deteriorate more than it already had if I didn’t do something immediately.

I checked into the hospital that same evening. In looking back, I see now that it was odd that a nurse spent considerable time talking to me until I took a sleeping pill and went to sleep for the night. She was very reassuring that what I was doing was good for my health, and so I could work and take care of my family.

This is a story I have rarely told anyone. For those of you who think of terminating a pregnancy, my message is simple – – – Even though I was only a few weeks pregnant, and my health was at risk, and I was the person my children could count on to be a responsible parent  . . . I regret being such a ninny at that time in my life and allowing my judgement to be completely influenced by another. To this day, the possibility of a 3rd child still haunts me, and I regret that decision made so many years ago.

I am sixty years old, and I regret a decision I made over three decades ago. America’s biggest shame is that she has passed laws that allow the deaths of millions of babies. What kind of society kills it’s own. It doesn’t matter if it is a 6 week pregnancy, or a later term pregnancy, what is wrong is wrong. We do not congratulate someone who is happily announcing that they are going to have a baby – congratulations on your fetus . . . NO . . . we congratulate them on the fact that they are going to have a baby.

God forgave me, and I forgave me . . . but that will never erase the loss of a possibility that I would have cherished as much as I cherish the children I did bring into this world. I pray for all young people to chose life. Choosing life is never a wrong decision.

Well, I am sad to tell you there is more to what I know . . . I knew a woman who chose a late term abortion, and she and the baby died. It is not my story to tell, but I can tell you this . . . she died because she went to a back woods hack to have her late term abortion. If I were Mr. Cruz and other Senators, I would pass a bill so strong against anything like a back woods abortion hack, that no person would take the chance of doing that.

So, here I am at a turn in the road of my convictions . . . I vehemently preach against abortions . . . I have known too many women who regret having done it . . . I also vehemently preach against back woods abortion hacks . . . I would prefer those who must have an abortion to have it done in a sterile hospital operating room – and never after the first trimester. All I can actively do is pray for America to turn from her acceptance of practices that make our culture rather barbaric, and share with women that even in my circumstances of so many years ago, I still regret my actions

So, here we see the dilemma we are faced with. America’s solution has been to grant abortions a-la-carte or carte blanch. I support legislation that brings those who are uninformed, to become informed of what their choice means to them and to their child. We must each ask ourselves why there are so many liberal thinkers who fight against some reasonable, and educational steps before any abortion. Seeing a film of the child in the womb from conception to birth should be the bare minimum of education on the subject. Those who are against this process are fighting to kill babies in uneducated women – why? I would think that those against this process need to enlighten us as to why they are against the pregnant woman understanding exactly what is happening inside her womb.

These same abortion minded people are against a 3-day waiting period. Why? I have done a lot of reading on this subject, and no one has given a sound reason why a 3-day waiting period is wrong. The same crowd that preaches that a child cannot even take an aspirin in school unless there has been parental consent given, are against that same parent knowing if their child has an abortion, or is receiving birth control.

I would like to point out that when I graduated from high-school in 1970, only one person in my class had a child in her teen years. What was so different? We were not educated on the thrills and techniques of sex in school. We were not offered birth control at school. We lived in a moral society, that frowned upon sex before marriage. Based on results, I highly recommend we return to teaching our children how to live in a moral society – without any public school contradicting what we chose to teach our children.

The following is a short video from Senator Ted Cruz, speaking on the Senate floor. I pray you all cheer him on in this endeavor, as well as many other endeavors which will be a catalyst for turning the morality of American society back to the days when abortions did not kill our progeny.

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