From My Heart  (The Old Rugged Cross, sung by Alan Jackson)

So glad I am the generation that grew up hearing this. My parents didn’t take me to church – they disagreed on denominational issues. So, I tagged along with many a friend – and was especially fond of Vacation Bible School with friends . . . Baptist, Episcopal, Lutheran, Presbyterian . . . it didn’t much matter to me which denomination I worshiped with. So, now in my sixties, I realize that my faith is stronger than many – and I cannot help but wonder if that is because my faith is based on love and the scriptures – not on a denomination.
In my 30’s and until my parents died, we discussed faith and belief often. When I was still a teen, my mother had given me her childhood Bible, and wrote, “To Juanita, read it with love and love it. Love, Mom.” In my 30’s my dad gave me a Bible that was full of insightful commentary. He was afraid of death because he had not figured out how to ask God to forgive him for things he had done . . . we talked often . . . he finally figured it out before he passed. During those last years my Momma would pray at night, in her rocking chair, and she did find comfort. They, like most of us, would do some things differently if they could go back and do it again.
God Bless and keep them in His loving arms.
You can understand why I see the denominations as barriers. What I wouldn’t give to convince all believers that our denominations separate the Body of Christ – His Church.

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