My Post to Starbucks FB Page . . .

Mr. Howard Schultz: I am a law abiding citizen, wife, mother, grandmother of six who understands that you are a hypocrite to make a new policy request of legal gun owners to not legally carry them in your stores in America / but will not enforce that policy. Fine. I will not be ever purchasing any of your products, because your new policy contradicts my constitutional rights, and your policy will be enforced by your employees to different levels based on their beliefs – and you can expect that to occur based on your wishy-washy policy. I pray all Americans will make their specialty coffee at home – because it is so much cheaper to do in these tough economic times. There is my policy statement, and I am not wishy washy – anyone with eyes to see, or an ear to hear, will understand how much cheaper coffee made at home is. I will be praying – yes praying – that so many people make their own coffee cheaply – that Americans run you out of business with their absence in your stores.
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