Long before others went to this argument, I said that America is poisoning our children. Why would I say such a thing? When I attended public school almost all children were able to sit in a seat for seven hours each day without acting out, without being left behind, and without massive learning disabilities. We even had the extremes of heat and cold in the classroom when we were young. I was almost in high school before my schools were retrofitted for air conditioning. Yes, I am sure there were children with some problems. I was a slow reader, but being a slow reader did not make be behave badly – AND, I learned what I was supposed to learn in spite of being a slow reader.

My generation ate breakfast every day at home. We ate hot lunches at school, or we brought our home made lunches. Dinner was cooked by Mom at home; and we learned how to cook in our teens. The fruits and vegetables we purchased for those meals we cooked did not spoil easily the way they spoil today soon after being bought. We bought potatoes and onions that lasted at least a month in the pantry. Celery, wrapped simply in paper towels lasted weeks. Today’s fruits and vegetables spoil days after purchase. If you grocery shop for a week, or even two weeks at a time, you run a race to cook any fresh items before they go bad. We changed how we shop in the last ten years. We buy staples every month or so, but fruit and veggies are bought each day that we plan to consume them or we run the risk of throwing our hard earned money down the garbage disposal or into the garbage can.

We Baby Boomers followed the example of our parents when we raised our children; but, we have witnessed our children feeding our grandchildren a lot of fast food, and a lot of junk food at home. I don’t believe the nutrition problem, and the poisoning problem of our grandchildren is entirely to be blamed on fast food and junk food. I believe that the food we purchase at the grocery store, and cook at home are products that have been the result of much experimentation by those who grow our food, and by the government influence on that process. I am saying that it makes no difference where you purchase food for children today – it is all tainted in one way or another.

Children with serious problems have become an epidemic in America. Even children in stable homes, and disciplined properly are having problems. Because of these problems, these kids are often diagnosed with a variety of ailments that require daily medications.  The problems we are witnessing in our young encompass all areas of learning, health, and behavior.  Just the other day a young father was telling me of how his children tune him out even when they are facing each other. He knows they are hearing him, because he makes them tell him what he said . . . but the words contain not an ounce of processed meaning. Pulling his hair out, he says, “It is like they do not understand the [English] words I am speaking!” I have heard this statement made by many young parents. The problems we are blaming on violent video games, may be exacerbated by the food these kids are eating. In other words the problem is from multiple causes.

We can take this a step further with the effects on Baby Boomers. Did the previous generations have such high levels of all arthritis problems, including Fibromyalgia at such young ages? The answer from my memory of the seniors I have known in my lifetime is a definite no. Why are so many adults, who were very healthy kids, having so many problems spark to life in their middle-age years?

We have been told our entire lives, “We are a product of what we eat”. America needs to take that statement very seriously and quickly demand changes in how our food is grown. We must stop allowing our children to be guinea pigs for the planetary food experiments that have proven to adversely affect our young. I offer up the linked article for you to read, and then hopefully do your research to make up your own mind, as I have done, on the issues of the food we all eat.

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2 thoughts on “WHAT’S WRONG WITH OUR KIDS?

  1. Donna Sekeres says:

    our son Todd is going to eat this up. They are on a “whole foods” and smoothy menu right now. We are so beyond this but it needs to be read by all who are involved with children, or who care about their health long term. I myself am starting to believe fast food is addictive. I sometimes crave the taste of a whopper like I do chocolate, and that scared me… Hugs and love, Donna

  2. What I should have said (according to my husband whom I can count on to find the missing things I should have said) is that Americans need to shop at Farmer’s Markets in search of foods that are not tainted. Of course, the legislation is already in place as part of Obamacare that will allow the government to outlaw not only Farmer’s Markets, but growing food in our back yards. We must ask ourselves why would Obamacare have such wording in it? What is already set in place by the massive bills congress has passed that provide an Un-American infrastructure?
    My Natalie craved Whataburgers when she was pregnant, and living in Ohio. At that time, you could only buy a Whataburger in Texas. It may still be the case. I was craving watermelon the other day, but it has been at least 20 years since I tasted a watermelon that was actually sweet, or a tomato that had any flavor at all. My daddy grew prize worthy veggies and fruits in his back yard. My grandmother, when alive, had a “kitchen garden” that was about an acre of land. Her basement had enough food in it to feed an army. Wow, I think it is lunch time. Bye 🙂 my good friend, Donna.

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