What I found this morning . . .

What I found this morning . . .

I saw the wishbone my husband had cleaned and left to dry in the kitchen. It came from a chicken I roasted a couple of days ago. I remembered something . . . and started looking for the first wishbone we pulled . . . what are the odds? It is kind of amazing . . . so did we both get our wish? or neither? That was almost 18 years ago . . . I am pretty sure we got our wishes.

40th Anniversary Leaving Vietnam

40th Anniversary Leaving Vietnam

Only the Baby Boomers will never forget. Our children already do not understand – even those that served in the Middle East cannot relate to the war we fought in the Jungles of Vietnam in a time when we could actually name the enemies within and outside America. The men of the Baby Boom generation that everyone wants to forget is the disabled veteran of Vietnam. I do remember my brother and my friends sacrifice, and I thank them for that. I also remember the men that came home and turned to drugs because the nation they fought for – often being drafted to do so – treated them so badly when they came home. Most of us will never forget, but when we die, our memories of the boys the American politician sent to war, not to win by device, who were often abandoned by their wives even, will die with us. I still feel the pain in my heart for the shame America should have felt for what we did to the boys we sent to Vietnam. I am thankful to be married to a Vietnam disabled veteran – a Marine for life – wonderful husband and father. I cannot deny that Vietnam is part of making him the most honorable man I have ever met.

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Just Another Rhetorical Device

Just Another Rhetorical Device

Nobody is this stupid. This weasel uses ridiculous rants to appeal to ignorant minds with rhetorical devices. The whole gun argument is based on a misplaced burden of proof – and thereby inflicting harmful laws on the good and decent American. Rand Paul states correctly: Call me if any of your gun proposals would have saved the children who were murdered. Rand correctly states the truth.

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