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What the email I received from The White House / Valerie Jarrett said:

“He’s calling on Congress to pass the Healthy Families Act, which would allow millions of working Americans to earn up to seven days a year of paid sick time. “

I have built wage scales for small, medium, and large corporations . . .
First, everyone had paid sick leave for their employees after six months to a year of employment. Saying that they do not offer it, must mean from day one. It has always been a fair assumption that during the “probationary period” of employment, one should diligently try to attend their job every day and prove themselves to be a worthy employee before the company gives full benefits.
Second, wage scales take into account all compensation – wages, employer taxes, and benefits of every kind given. When you increase a benefit, the wage decreases – just moving money from one bucket to another. I do not know anyone who would want to increase a bucket that they may or may not use in a given year which would decrease their salary bucket. Keep in mind also that almost all sick and vacation benefits have a “use by date.” Obama is grandstanding on the ignorance of Americans. America, you need to be careful what you ask for. Making demands such as more sick time to cover kids being sick as well as yourself – and then demanding a minimum wage of $18 an hour on top of that . . . well, dead businesses don’t pay any wages or sick time (meaning that when your employer goes out of business due to the demands of an ignorant and spoiled rotten child becoming law, don’t have a pity party because you were not educated enough to understand that you were not just biting the hand that fed you – but killing the hand that fed you.)

Also from Jarret’s letter:
“As one mother from Missouri said, “Because the livelihood of our household is completely dependent on me there is a LOT of pressure to be at work every second I can. I am plagued with the moral dilemma of being at work and missing out on doctors’ appointments, school programs, and classroom parties or missing work and creating even more of a financial hardship.”

OMG! This person thinks she should get paid time off to attend her child’s school programs and classroom parties.  And you thought my use of “ignorant and spoiled rotten child” above was unreasonable.

And the death knell in Jarret’s letter for ignorant people:
“Fixing these challenges won’t just make life better for millions of American families. It will ultimately improve the financial bottom lines of the companies that choose to step up and make a change on their own.”
YO! Obama/Jarrett!!! Please explain to us how it will “improve the financial bottom lines of the companies that choose to step up and make a change on their own.” Here, let me give you the basic formula all businesses live with:
+ Gross Sales ((Cannot sell anything for more than the market (customer) is willing to pay)).
– Costs directly related to Sales (Employee Compensation, Materials, Shipping, Fuel, etc.)
= Gross Profit
– Administrative Costs and Taxes (Employee Compensation, Rent, Electricity, etc.)
= Net profit

When the formula has a Net profit of Zero or less, there is no reason to continue the business, and NO LONGER EMPLOYS ANY PEOPLE. There is not any business that can afford to pay low skilled labor $18 dollars an hour / and paid time off to take kids to appointments, attend school parties, etc.

When the formula has a decent Net profit, it has the funds to grow the business, AND HIRE MORE PEOPLE.


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White House Soliciting Tweets & FB for Anti-gun Campaign

FROM MY FB: The first is my response to the email I received from the White House – wrap your head in duck tape before you read the White House Letter after my response . . .
This is so wrong. Our fathers, grandfathers, and forefathers are turning over in their graves so they cannot see the end of the America they loved. I opened the attachment twice to copy it and the letter to everyone I know to send emails supporting our First and Second Amendment rights. I pray that just because I opened it you will not put me on a list of supporters.
Thank you for your time,
Juanita Holloway-Walters
THIS IS THE LETTER I RECEIVED VIA EMAIL YESTERDAY ON WHITE HOUSE LETTERHEAD (Yes, I am on their mailing list, how else am I to know what they are up to?):
Hello, all —
For the first time since the 1990s, Congress might be on track to pass legislation aimed at reducing gun violence in the United States. And it’s because folks in Washington are starting to understand that the rest of the country isn’t going to sit by and let them ignore this issue. Your voices are the reason we have a chance to win this debate. The American people expect and demand a yes or no vote.
But this is a critical moment. It’s been almost four months since the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, thousands more Americans have died at the hands of gun violence, and time is on the side of those who would prefer that we do nothing.
We want to make sure that your voices are impossible to ignore. So we’re asking people from all over the country to speak out online in concert — all at the same time. Will you join us?
Pledge to speak out about the need to reduce gun violence.
It’s easy to participate. Over the next few days, anyone can sign up to tweet or share a message to Facebook. Through that time, we’ll gather up as many people as we can. Then we’ll make sure that all these individual messages get posted together in the same moment for maximum effect.
That wave of social media will get seen by millions and millions of people.
We’re talking about common-sense reforms. Like the idea that any of us who want to buy a gun should have to go through a background check first — which 90 percent of Americans support.
So let’s make sure that there’s absolutely no confusion about the public consensus.
Pledge to speak out with us, and then forward this email to your family and friends:

David Simas
Deputy Senior Advisor
The White House
[When you open their link . . . this is the message they want anti-gun people to TWEET and put on FACEBOOK. There are two buttons for you to click on for that purpose & a copy also goes to the White House for their propaganda. For they will not be putting the PRO-GUN messages the rest of us TWEET AND PUT ON FB, which means they are not listening to the American Majority.]

“I support common-sense steps to reduce gun violence. Share this if you agree:”
My voice and support will be heard via:
You will allow XXXXXXXXXXX to share this message once on your behalf, along with other supporters. If the goal is not reached, no message will be shared. Opt out

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