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Link: http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/2013/May06/062.html

If our leaders are truly for America then they are truly stupid.
If our leaders are truly against America then they are very successful.
Previous American Leaders Understood That We know Peace Because We Are Prepared To Be Attacked And To Retaliate And Win.
Since WWII America never needed to do the policing thing that cost thousands of lives NEEDLESSLY.
We could have handled the problem swiftly and hugely, and be done with it quickly
– thus saving thousands of lives on both sides of these actions.
Our Administration – by weakening America – by deliberately dividing Americans with falsehoods
– by apologizing for America all over the world
– by giving money and arms to the same people who are killing our troops in Afghanistan.
At the very least, our government is involved in False Flag Operations by doing nothing to prevent
– and if we are honest among ourselves, we must admit these people are capable of doing False Flag events
– same as every Administration since Eisenhower.

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