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Former Muslim Brotherhood member tells us what the government won’t about the terror attack in Benghazi

Former Muslim Brotherhood member tells us what the government won’t about the terror attack in Benghazi.

I had to stop reading halfway down. i do appreciate the article and all of the opinions thereafter, but I believe that we are spending too much time in retrospect. Has it occurred to anyone that these un-American power players keep us talking about what has already happened ad-nauseum. I am worried about what is on the terror horizon . . . our troops become more surrounded and vulnerable each day. This administration has no love for our military and if you think leaving 4 people to die because of the in-action of our leaders . . . I PRAY EVERY DAY THAT I AM WRONG ABOUT WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO OUR TROOPS IN THE MIDDLE EAST IN RELATIVELY SHORT TIME. Our enemies have chemical weapons, and tactical nuke weapons, and even nukes. It is naive to even think that Iran couldn’t buy a nuke on the black market. There are so many Soviet nukes missing for so long now, everyone has forgotten about them. Before we invaded Iraq we telescoped what we were going to do for days on end – and we watched the convoy of 18 wheelers leaving Iraq, and those 2 ships that left Iraq and were very far away – silent running – by the time we invaded. Yes, we are running weapons to our enemies – for both sides in Syria are our proven enemies. Yes, our government is infiltrated with enemies – and that is why there will be a major attack on our troops with no backup from our ships in time to make a difference. So, you guys can disagree with me – but please PRAY WITH ME THAT I AM WRONG.

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The warning from Israel is for all of the above: Iran and Russia AND Islamic Terrorists The enemy is getting bolder and bolder. Events are starting to be rather prophetic. But remember only a remnant – meaning that some in Israel are not to be trusted. We are to bless Israel and God’s chosen. Safe to say most Americans agree with prophecy, and do bless Israel and God’s chosen. As Christians, we do this. But what of this American administration?
Of all the news – this is perhaps the most discouraging. Neither side in Syria deserve our help, for it is basically terrorist vs. terrorist, but pray for the innocents who are being murdered. This includes Christians being murdered all over the Middle East.
Knowing Russia is backing / arming the enemy tempts the U.S. to fight the war on the side of the terrorists who are fighting on the “rebel” side.
No matter how you shake Syria up, it is a lose, lose situation.

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