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I AM DEMANDING EQUAL TIME for SWCCL (Southern White Christian Conservative Ladies)

Apparently the PUBLIC SCHOOLS are celebrating LGBT History Month. Okay I am demanding equal time . . . Southern White Christian Conservative Ladies History Months- will take  at least 11 months to bring forth all the cudos to the SWCCL that have done amazing things. Come on Ladies, let us get together to celebrate! We must demand equal time in the public schools!!! Who is with me?

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Considering the approximately 245 million adults in America –

And considering only 2.5% consider themselves “gay” –

And considering the gross majority of children raised in “straight” homes wind up “straight” –

And considering the new statistics* from children raised in “gay” homes, that the majority
wind up “gay” –

And considering the studies in abundance that tell us that the most well-adjusted children
come from a home where there is a Mother and a Father –

Why are Americans allowing our schools, our elected and appointed officials, and our
entertainment to radically push the “gay” agenda?

Why wouldn’t ALL adults wish for ALL of our children the opportunity to have a traditional
heterosexual relationship leading to marriage, where children are born from the male and
female relationship as our Creator designed us?

Why would anyone call me a hater if I wish for parents, schools, our elected and appointed
officials, and our entertainment to influence the maximum number of children towards the
family life that has proven for eons to be the fulfilling experience of natural procreation?

* New Study On Homosexual Parents Tops All Previous Research
By Peter Sprigg Senior Fellow for Policy Studies
Family Research Council

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