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John and I are alive and still have our child quality in good working order. hehehe Christmas is first and foremost for us to joyfully celebrate Christ being born, and knowing the message of The Cross.
It is difficult for children to appreciate the concept of salvation and the work of The Cross. We make the Christmas holiday important to our children, so that when they become older, we can share the value of salvation, and the work of the cross. They will already know, because we did it right, that Christmas is a time to teach the joys of giving, and receiving love, food, and gifts.
Merry Christmas to all of my friends, family, and acquaintances I see in person and in FB every day; and a very prosperous new year.

P.S. If someone rags on you about your Christmas tree – remind them that it is for fun, especially for the children – NO ONE worships the trees – not even close.
We worship Jesus Christ. Can I Get An Amen?

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Many have opined and prayed for several years for a miracle for America. Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan is not a description of what we should expect any one man will do. I am sick of people announcing that they are going to sit back, watch, and give the man a fair chance of making America great again. Frankly, this slogan is not a referendum for one person to accomplish. It is NOT a referendum for one political party. In case you did not understand what is supposed to happen in America now, let me explain it to you. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WILL MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN – OR THEY WON’T. Time will tell.

It is high time the American people took back their country. To make America great again, will require a LOCAL EFFORT from coast to coast. Requiring every city in America pushing a winning agenda to state governors, state legislatures, and federally to both Houses of Congress. We have a President-Elect who will fight for our American jobs, American business endeavors, and all American families. WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO BE READY IN THE NEXT FEW WEEKS TO MAKE KNOWN THE AGENDA WE WANT. If you want to start a business, already own a business, or work for a business, you need to tell our government what it is your service or industry needs to be successful, and provide jobs for all who want to be a part of THE AMERICAN DREAM.

Whether you are a farmer, shoemaker, clothes maker, cement maker, homemaker or builder of homes, computer maker, hospital, own rent homes or apartments, run a school or are a home-schooler, dress maker, pie baker, furniture builder, etc., etc., etc. YOU NEED TO LET YOUR POLITICIANS KNOW WHAT YOU NEED TO BE — SUCCESSFUL – TO BRING OUR INDUSTRIES AND JOBS HOME!!!

Every American should start looking at what we import from other countries, and ask ourselves how do we start making these things in America.

Americans need to be networking on a scale that hasn’t been seen since before computers made us all lazy. Business used to be conducted at social enterprises such as golf clubs, Elks Clubs, Moose Clubs, Veterans Clubs, Kiwanis, Lions, PTA, Alumni, Rotary, Chamber of Commerce, Every Town Council meeting should be packed to the rafters, Petroleum, Pharma, Medical, School Board Meetings, Business Networking International, Women In Business, Convention & Business Bureaus for every trade and service industry, OPTIMISTS for crying out loud!, Think Tanks for every industry that exists or has left our nation, Local Merchants Associations, CHURCHES, etc. etc. etc.

It is shameful how membership in social clubs has dwindled to almost extinction since the computer made us all social couch potatoes. Does your town have a Junior League? Does anyone remember what it was all about? The Junior League is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism in any city, or town. Thriving cities can be gauged by the volume of active social and charitable associations.

John and I dressed to the 9’s Saturday night and attended a charity event. I haven’t felt that much alive in a very long time. We were in a ballroom full of people enjoying dinner, dancing, silent and live auctions with one thing in mind – raising enough money to make a difference in the lives of many people. The Health Alliance of Clinton County financially assisting with health-related needs in the extended community. We were so pleased to be able to give – and we are seniors on a fixed income. A community that involves itself in fulfilling the needs of the community on a personal level is an indicator of a thriving community. Instead of the government deciding how to spend your hard-earned dollars for “charity” (often not actually helping anyone in need), it is important for the well-being of all citizens to be personally involved in helping others.

The quandary in “Making America Great Again” is the double nature of money. Spending money – spreading it around locally – is what every economy needs to grow. At the same time, Americans will need to spend wisely to keep our families’ hearth and home safe from going under as we re-build Americas industries.

We must return America to that which our moral compass was anchored in when Washington and his Congress dedicated America to our Christian God. Christian Americans (80+% of population) got out and voted on November 8 in a unified effort to return America to its moral origins, which will in turn return America to prosperity, and God’s protection. We must abandon Secular Christianity rooted in the wrong idea of other religions being the same as ours. We must return to Biblical Christianity, and the Gospel regarding Jesus, to navigate America back on solid moral ground. The real work begins with each of us. Are you ready?

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There have been a lot of good sermons delivered in the last few weeks, because those in political / societal control are turning the American ship further into deep destructive waters – destructive waters that most Americans are not brave enough to stand up against. Washington is a reflection of the majority in America. For truly, if millions of Americans were keeping Washington in line with God’s traditions and laws, our entire existence would change for the better almost overnight. America would be the nation she once was, when other nations worked to emulate the overall positive existence of the American people. Our government would once again tow the line of the majority of the people for fear of losing their jobs. Satan would crawl back under his familiar rock to hide for another season.  But, I can sum up the reality of all Biblical wisdom, and end time prophecy in one question:

Are YOU going to follow God’s traditions / laws – or man’s?

It is the age old pattern of Israel, and it is the pattern of Christianity, of history repeating itself every time mankind forgets who our Creator is, starts behaving as if men are gods, and forgets that we live for God’s glory. This question above is one that we each must come to terms with, and be prepared to not only live with the consequences, but are forcing our young to also live with the consequences of our individual choice.

It really is that simple to explain. I have recently been asked the age old questions that have been asked of every Christian who has studied the Bible for thousands of years:
1. Don’t all religions lead to salvation?
2. Where in Biblical history are we; isn’t the answer in Revelation?

I explain it like this. Milk Christians often go straight to reading Revelation to find answers. The answers aren’t just in one book of the Bible designed for Milk Christians. Salvation is through Jesus Christ, period. To study Revelation, you must go through every book of the entire (OT & NT) Bible to understand it – why Revelation is at the end. I encourage the masses who have not studied the Bible to do so. You will find answers to questions you didn’t even know you have. Only by studying the Bible will you receive the truth of Who actually wrote it. This is a truth that can only be obtained by your direct experience. I can tell you the truth all day long and give you fifty examples in short order to back it up – but – that will mean nothing to you. You must seek the truth to receive it.

There have been many “pre-tribulation” times throughout history. But, so far, each time, mankind turns the ship of earthly existence back toward living for God’s glory, and turns the ship away from the end times. One time, in the future, mankind will not wake up and turn the ship of all earthly existence back toward living for God’s glory. Only God knows which time that will be. For God lives outside of His creation (space/time continuum), and only He can see when that will happen.

Those of us who think of ourselves as the watchmen are absolutely saying, WOW, today does seem to be the season before the tribulation years – but, we do not know for sure. We are praying mankind wakes up one more time and strives to live for God’s glory. Yes, our nation (and most of the world) are being ruled by the Prince of Darkness – it says so in the Bible. His days are numbered. One day soon the end-time-prophecies will come true . . . or not, if mankind wakes up again. It all revolves around that one sentence – again:

Are YOU going to follow God’s traditions / laws – or man’s?

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Because marriage is a very integral part of Jewish and Christian Biblical religion, and Jesus defined marriage as one man and one woman – our Federal government, and some States are overriding our religions of free choice and forcing state sponsored religious laws on Americans. This is anti-Constitutional. We broke with Great Britain in part due to Englands forced state religion. Not only in forcing churches and synagogues to perform heretical marriage services, but in forcing Jews and Christians to commit heretical acts in their daily work – the necessary activity defined by our Biblical teachings that we must do honest work if able. We are required by the very nature of our religious faiths to be Jewish and Christian in all aspects of our lives.

Further, sacred marriage in my Christian religion requires I understand Jewish marriage to understand Christ’s relationship with me in the 69 weeks of the Christian Church Age and Salvation. Christ then returns His attention primarily on His Jewish people, and returns to save the remnant at His return to begin the millennium.

Many like me have pointed out that the 90 % of Christians who have not read / studied their Bibles would cause suffering of all Christians in America. This ruling by the Supreme Court (5 to 4 with dissenting judges writing scathing rebuttals of how the Supreme Court has acted outside of its legal bounds), would have never happened in my parents or grandparents generation (mine are crying out in shame from their graves).

“Matthew 19:4-6 KJV  And he answered and said unto them, Have ye not read, that he which made them at the beginning made them male and female, And said, For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they twain shall be one flesh?Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.”

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If I hear one more Christian leader say that all religions worship the same God,
my head may explode.
I tell you with profound confidence that all humanity does not worship my Christian
/ Jewish God – our Creator.
Contradictions in the many religions are not compatible,
and cannot be ignored.
One huge example is how Christians are taught to treat women
VS. how other religions are taught to treat women.
If you do not openly denounce another religion preaching the abuse of women,
you will be held accountable on your day of judgement as if you also abused women.
My Bible tells me, as a Christian, to not be deceived;
for it is our individual responsibility to not be deceived.
When you are held responsible for how you chose to live your life . . .
you will not be able to blame any other person for your choices and beliefs.

Copyright © 2015 by Juanita Holloway-Walters
All Rights Reserved.

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Fear / willful ignorance is the only explanation for what has crippled America. The following information is important for any American who is seeking to understand. The first is a YouTube Video regarding where our national paralysis stems from. The links to two articles I wrote more than a year ago at webcommentary.com are not only companion pieces in understanding what is wrong with America, but also sadly there is no evidence Americans are making any positive headway in turning our Republic back on healthier paths since these were written.

FOR EACH OF THE 3 LINKS BELOW, Copy into your browser and hit enter and it will appear:

YouTube video:  Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret, by Dr Bill Warner

Article One: “WHY NOT ME?” – WITHOUT FEAR author Juanita Holloway-Walters – article link: http://www.webcommentary.com/php/ShowArticle.php?id=hwaltersj&date=100521

Article Two: PROPAGANDA BY ANY OTHER NAME WOULD BE WARM AND CUDDLY? Author Juanita Holloway-Walters – article link:

I pray this information is worthy of your time, and considered important to pass on to all Americans.

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I saw this question on another Blog, and as I started to answer it I realized that the answer is different at different stages of each Christian’s journey in life. I can only offer my experience, because I can recommend it with sincerity . . .

My life isn’t perfect, as I know that no one’s is. At 60, I have been living with several illnesses that are not going away in this life. I did my best to ignore them for almost twenty years, and worked with full knowledge for about ten years. I have degenerative spine disease (5 major surgeries), and all of the arthritis’s (Rheumatoid is primary and caused dual knee replacement a few Thanksgivings ago, Osteo, and Fibro without the Depression – lucky me to be so blessed). For many years, I awoke at 3 a.m., and then would take my meds and soak in the tub to fight the morning stiffness in all my joints. It was there in that very much alone time that I prayed every day, and often write or read. Spending time alone with the Lord at the beginning of each day balanced me, and made life so much sweeter.

As a child I had felt the presence of the Holy Spirit long before I truly understood. The years came and went and each one with such blessings, I would cry when thinking on them. Of course there was the usual mixture of vinegar and honey so I would know the difference, but everything always worked out for the best – I never lost my joy in life. I was raised with the saying, “good things come to those that wait.” I began the marriage of my dreams at age 45.

As the fall years are flying by, I find that I think of the Lord so many times each day that my morning prayers with the Lord became my life’s 24/7 prayer with the Lord. I still say little formal prayers for loved ones and ones I don’t even know very well, when the situation is in need of special prayer. But my walk with the Lord is never ceasing, and I guess I owe this comfortable state with the Lord to unwavering faith, and finally understanding the scriptures.

You may wonder how this happens. I have sat here and pondered that question. I think it is because I have never become desensitized. I am a mature person that laughs every day – a lot. I am very well read, but do not read sex or violence that exists just for the sake of sex and violence. Therefore, I also don’t watch television or movies with those themes, and I don’t surround myself with people who are living senseless lives. Good and evil do exist, and both are bigger than each of us. We draw to ourselves that which we become, and what we become is a choice. We can either strive to live our imperfect lives as a journey with the Lord, or we strive to do it on our own without the Lord. Doing our best for God, is living our lives with Him every hour of every day – not as a burden, or a badge of honor, but as a constant awareness within us. Because of my choice I am never alone, are you?

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First Published 1/16/13 at Webcommentary.com by Juanita

Remember . . . when George W. Bush and Congress turned on their constituency, and we were mystified? At the time, I jokingly said to my husband, “Are we a hostage nation, and only those in Washington know it?” As the years have passed, I think about the good people we send to Washington, and how they lose sight of how everything outside of Washington works best. Today, after years of destructive puzzle pieces, some correct, some fantastical, the last piece of the real puzzle sparked alive in my mind. When you come upon an axiom, a basic truth, your mind is suddenly able to recall the other pieces that fit the puzzle and complete it.

First, we need to remember some huge historical puzzle pieces. Johnson’s escalation of the Vietnam War, his war on poverty, and Nixon’s war on drugs were huge debt creators for the United States. To finish Roosevelt’s gold scam in the 1930’s, and hide a bit of national debt, Nixon took the United States off of the gold standard in 1971. Congress passed a law in 1978 to make it official. Much of the world also abandoned the gold standard in valuing their currencies. However, America going off of the gold standard was a very different proposition than any other nation doing the same.

When America went off of the gold standard in 1971, it collapsed the Bretton Woods agreement that had many nations currencies pegged to the US dollar. Beginning with secret meetings with the likes of Kissinger, Bennett (U.S. Asst. Treas. Scty.), a London-based Eurobond firm of White Weld & Co, AND the Saudi Arabia Monetary Agency, the U. S. dollar became the Petro-Dollar. Being the Petro-Dollar meant that all OPEC members agreed to sell their oil only in U.S. dollars, to the devised benefit of American and British banks.

Almost instantly, America had a new agreement to keep the U.S. dollar in banks around the world. Why? Why would anyone give such a huge and powerful boon to the U.S.? What did we give in return? Why would several other important nations around the world go along with this? When this agreement was made, the U.S. was at the end of its divisively failed Vietnam War (police action – whatever). America’s debt was off the charts. Sadly, millions of Americans were getting settled into “The Great Society” welfare programs. What did America give in exchange for saving our economic butt at the end of the Gold Standard? America agreed in these secret meetings regarding the Petro-Dollar, to de-industrialize America, and by doing so, to send American jobs all over the world as industries re-located in part, or entirely.

In the guise of reforms ALWAYS FOR YOUR OWN GOOD – environmental reform, climate reform, social reform, faith reform, racial reform, and political reform – more reforms than we can probably think of at one sitting – and in the guise of half-truths / half-lies – moving forward in history to the complete lies America is buying today, America has been in the process of an agreed upon fundamental transformation for decades. And, what a thorough job has been accomplished. Along the way, a relatively small group of people made millions, even billions of dollars as they engineered their part of the schemes.

Thus, we also have the reason for the burning question of why our government feels so comfortable in her fiat currency willful decisions of Quantitative Easing (QE) 1, 2, 3, and 4. As long as the world is trading in American dollars, we can print as many as we want to . . . scratch that, as long as the world powers that be think it is progressing their program along, they will print as many dollars as they think necessary – the ends justifying the means. We also have the reason why American proprietary secrets / patents have been given to the enemy as often as it fit the plans of a powerful few.

We have had a One World Government for so long, it is difficult for me to give you an exact year it began. The political and economic events in the 1930’s, and 1970’s certainly concreted it all in place. All of the ‘guises’ were orchestrated to keep you, the American, in line and doing your part to help the One World Government do all of its dirty deeds. For the sake of your health, the sake of your kids, the sake of the planet, the sake of your threatened government, the sake of social justice (instead of equal justice and opportunity), for the sake of your freedom of speech . . . you have been a co-conspirator in the murder of American morality in general, and specifically the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution of the United States of America.

Our hard earned money was most evilly stolen in the contrived economic bubbles, and as Americans we have not called evil by its name. Our labor unions quietly became international and assisted in pricing American labor out of jobs, while assisting those jobs to leave for foreign shores. Laws and regulations have been contrived to end our superiority in morality, industry, and the righteousness of our faith which had made America possible to begin with. To evidence how far down the rabbit hole we have gone away from a Christian republic, our government is currently in bed with our most heinous enemy, the Taliban / the Muslim Brotherhood / Hamas / PLO. Not only are American dollars and arms sent to the enemy in places like Egypt and Libya, but our government has been infiltrated by the enemy at all levels.

As long as it suited them, the One World Order, could allow half of America the illusion of her liberty, and keeping America in her sixty hour work weeks to pay for the schemes of a few. The other half of Americans became dependent on poverty, and kept voting them free stuff at the ever-increasing expense of the working half. This second half of the American population is large enough to insure the illusion of the voting power. Laws (including tax) and regulations have been passed, by people America has presumably elected for almost a century, to end your American institutions: Christianity, Marriage, Family, Education, Law, Industry and Business. Everything Constitutional is coming dangerously close to an end.

Our American Republic required a strong moral code to keep its liberty alive. The choice the One World Order believes Americans have has come down to two choices. The first is to go along with anything they do while they finish off the illusion of a sovereign America. The second is to rise to the bait and begin the violence. The World’s powerful illusionists could care less which you choose. If you choose the second choice, UN forces, from almost every nation on earth, coupled with certain elite American forces will be set into action to suppress you. The One World Order, in control of our government, out-ships, out-weapons, and out-mans you. It breaks my heart to relay this to you, but it is the truth.

America now comes to the table crippled, and deeply divided by contrivance of faith, race, economic, and social division. The world no longer needs to keep the Petro-Dollar agreement with America. The economic disaster would, in theory, finish us off. The American ideals that were the biggest stumbling block to the One World Order are now but a remnant of America’s population. The will of the Constitutionalist and the Independent is a small fraction of the whole.

What does the One World Order need from us before they pull down the dividing illusion between us and them? They need the complete death of the Constitution that half of America holds out on instinct as the guts of who we are; and they need our guns. They have orchestrated what they need to take our guns soon. Satan is capable of anything you could imagine, and more. If the true American remnant fires the first shot to regain America, our rogue government has already orchestrated the events that will have the entire world against you. Think on that – the entire world, our own rogue government, and their adoring duped citizens against you.

What is the last puzzle piece to make sense of what is happening before our eyes? Why don’t they fire the first shot? Could they not just end it all now? Perhaps, but they are not wanting to fight you in your freedom / liberty fighting mode. Satan truly fears you renewing your bond with the only entity that can defeat them – God. American revival could mend the deep divisions quickly, in bringing about the renewal of America’s Christian faith as the first priority in our lives. That would bring back the Judeo-Christian morality that makes real capitalism very successful. That would bring back your family values, and the morality to demand the return from ever-changing case law back to Constitutional Law. The last barrier between who America was in her best days and the final push into the New World Order are our First and Second Amendment rights. These two rights are the barrier to bringing down the entire Constitution. America’s enemy has been cloaked at the helm of our government for many, many decades working for the day when we would forget that our rights come from God.

The enemy within keeps up the guises of American government going through the motions, while taking a little more anti-American ground each year. The only power left on earth that can defeat our enemy is God. Should the Lord come to our rescue? Do we deserve it? Are we able to place higher value on the spiritual than temporal again? Are we able to bend our knees and ask for divine providence, just as Washington and our first Congress did? I don’t know if enough Bible literate Christians exist to even lead the rest of America out of the contrived secular pseudo Christianity that has plagued America. Do you? I do know this, without nationwide revival Satan will win the battle for control of America’s people. The fate of the United States of America is in every American’s individual hands, and time is running out. Will Americans realize they are being used as the last piece to the destruction puzzle in time?

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MAN OR GOD? Who Will Determine the American’s Mindset In The Future?

In the American Patriot’s Bible there are listed the elements of the American people that made our republic thrive and grow. America experienced God’s providence and bounty when American’s were still a thriving Christian majority – – – Oh, wait! There is still a Christian majority in the United States of America. If you include the small percentage of the “other” who simply do not think it is any of your business what faith they practice, Christians in America are 85% of the population. How can this be true in a nation that is glorifying fornication to the extent of pornography on our televisions, and teaching children in our schools ‘How To’s’ that I would be horrified to have to type out for edification? I am sure every adult who is reading my words can fill in what I have not typed.

When my father attended public school, in New Jersey, he was exposed to subjects not taught in today’s American public schools. Economics is an excellent example of a class we might not see in our schools today. Our children would benefit from the knowledge regarding such an important subject to every household and every nook and cranny of our badly Super-Sized Government. The King James Version of the Holy Bible is the most important example of what is missing in America’s public education. It is ludicrous to say that the First Amendment requires a “separation of church and state.” It isn’t there. I only need to make one statement to convince you that our founding fathers did not leave their faith at the front door of government each morning. The founders held Christian church services in the building that Congress was housed in. We need to ask ourselves why we have abandoned the very Judeo-Christian values and morals which built a great nation, and provided the greatest security and growth for American families and communities as the world has never seen before.

Giving credit to Dr. Richard Glee, and The Patriot’s Bible those basic American elements were:

The Dignity of Human Life                                                         – Exodus 20:13, Matthew 22:39
The Traditional Monogamous Family                                        – Genesis 2:23, 24, Matthew 19:5
A National Work Ethic                                                               – 2 Thessalonians 3:10
The Right to a God-Centered Education                                   – Ephesians 6:4
The Abrahamic Covenant                                                          – Genesis 12:1-3, Galatians 3:7
Common Decency                                                                    – Matthew 22:39
Our Personal Accountability to God                                         – Hebrews 9:27

Because of these common beliefs and practices, the American population was very much ‘the land of the free and the home of the brave,” not to mention the most productive nation in history. America’s dilemma is that she (the population) wants the ability to sin, and call it good. How did Americans come to believe that God was extremely tolerant in the sin department? The Bible says what it means in plain English. There are reasons the enemy within America has pushed so hard to defy logic in our courts. Their goal was to transform America from the great Christian republic of her founding. We have heard all of the horror stories regarding past and present administrations, congress, judges, and their policies which have hacked away at the foundation of our republic for decades. We The People sent every crooked politician to Washington; with a few exceptions of actual wide spread voter fraud. What is happening in Washington is just a mirror image of what is going on in America from coast to coast.

There is no Christian doctrine save God’s doctrine.

When Jesus talked of the scriptures, at that time in history, he was quoting the Greek Septuagint translated by 70 scholars from the Hebrew. As far as the world is concerned, the single most important event in pre-modern history was the translation of the Holy Bible to English. Once again a whole bevy of scholars had to agree on the translation from Greek & Hebrew to English. It was nothing short of a miraculous achievement. I am certain that the Holy Spirit moved through a lot of translators in both major translations. Modern day scholars give the critique of The King James translation to be excellent, with a few exceptions. One example of a translation that is considered to be an error from the Hebrew is In Exodus 20:13 “thou shalt not kill” is better translated “thou shalt not murder.” A few Bibles such as The King James Version in the American Patriot’s Bible reflects these few translations that have been discussed at length among the scholars.

How did America’s Christianity, and our government become so completely discombobulated? We would be wise to adopt the following John Adams quote as our guide for national health, “We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge, or gallantry, would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

Our virtues and morality come from our Christianity. If our Christianity is broken, then the America that our troops from Valley Forge to Afghanistan have died for is broken to the core. I searched my soul for the reasons our Christianity is so broken. For there to be so much sex and violence in even our children’s entertainment, is a huge symptom of a broken faith.

The first piece of this puzzle is so obvious it is amazing that Christians have not sought to solve it. Every non-denominational church that I have visited has had its roots in a specific denomination, and its services did not change – only the name did in an effort to increase their congregations. Where do you find justification for denominations in the Bible? I have searched and searched, and do not find any instructions for hundreds of denominations consisting of what is supposed to be The Body of Christ. Every Christian should understand the exact same experience when they read the Bible. The fact of the denominations dividing, and subdividing, in America for over two centuries, should tell us how errant Americans have been regarding their Christian faith. There should be one church, the True Church, The Body of Christ as is described of the gentiles in the Pauline Epistles. Period.

What is just as bewildering is the second piece of the puzzle. There are over 900 English translations of the Christian Holy Bible. Our Christian Holy Bible is the combined Old Testament and the New Testament. I am being very specific in my words here so there is no misunderstanding. If you want to conquer any group of people, all you have to do is divide them, confound, and confuse them. How did we let this happen to us? Man in his arrogance thought he could convince others that the Bible needed man’s “interpreting.” Man in his arrogance actually believed it was his job to change the words, which changes the meanings of the words. There are warnings in the Bible for changing the words, and for teachers who have sway over innocent minds and lead them astray.

The founders stated that only a moral nation could truly produce a society of free citizens. The reasoning for this is because only a moral citizenry is able to govern themselves as free citizens. Today, our laws are changing before our eyes, and becoming laws that are designed to condemn innocent citizens – preparing us for Fascists or a dictator to control us. This awful phenomenon happens when a moral nation degenerates itself to a Godless, immoral nation.  I ask you to pray with me today and every day for a miracle. It would surely be an awesome miracle if America’s Christians . . . were to come together in the True Church as The Body of Christ . . . and, “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”  (2Chronicles 7:14) Whose laws will we follow? Are we determined to be lazy citizens and follow man’s endless laws that our lawyers cannot consistently interpret, and are often designed to injure the best among us? Will we remember who we are, and once again follow God’s laws, which are unchanging and in the Bible most Americans trusted for generations?


I received a very good commentary, written by a pastor, from a friend of mine. At the end of the commentary was a scripture from the “New English Bible.” I decided to compare that scripture to the King James Bible. My comparison resulted in identifying many meaning changes. Even if the change is subtle, as in some of the changes, it is still a change from the King James Version.  This comparison is in the “Man or God? Companion Study” (listed as a separate item on my blog list).  The Bible verses I have been comparing come from The King James Bible (KJV) and the New English Bible (NEB) as follows:   Titus 2:11-14

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