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Are we proud of ourselves? The Christian population, by the millions, showed up to vote for President Trump. Many had not bothered to vote in the prior two Presidential elections. The comparative volume of people who voted for Trump is most likely larger than any of us realize. We not only overcame those who voted for Clinton but overcame the vast numbers of illegal aliens who voted, and the tampering with voting machines done by those who deal in political “insurance policies.” If you adjust for all these illegal shenanigans, Trump would have won by a popular vote landslide. I have read enough from all sides to know this is true. (I.e. If you have 5,000 eligible voters, and 8,000 votes are cast – all for her – the computers have been tampered with.)

Parts of the Bible are written for the Jew, and parts are written for the Christian, but all is written for our learning and understanding. When I write, it is for the Christian majority; but similarly, all are welcome to glean what they may. So, here goes . . . Many Christians have expressed their disappointment in not having the obvious landslide we feel we earned. Let us delve a little deeper as to why.

Many are looking to modern-day prophets for answers. I look to The Bible and my Lord and Savior, Jesus for answers. I take it to prayer and ask for the answers I seek. Prophecy comes from what we see in all the scriptures, for PROPHECY IS PATTERN. To quote my favorite Bible Commentator, Dr. Chuck Missler, there are “66 books by 40 authors and we now find that it (the Bible) is an integrated message system from outside our time domain.” The only way to explain the miracle of the multitude of cross references throughout the Bible, and the consistency of pattern, is that the Holy Spirit is the author manifested through the 40 writers. One must read it and study it to understand the wisdom. My Mamma understood this when she gave me my first Bible. She wrote, “read it with love and love it.”

You may be asking me what does this have to do with our election of Trump? The knowledge in The Bible is the roadmap for our lives, and the gift of our salvation. We each need a clear vision of this roadmap to be successful in every aspect of our lives. After millions of American Christians voted for Trump, what did they do next? Was it appropriate to receive the landslide we had prayed for? Let us look at some appropriate questions for American Christians:

1. As a Christian, are you doing all you can do for your country; or do you expect others to magically
do all you believe should be done?
2. Voter fraud of several types happened, coast to coast. Did you say something when you saw it? Did
you demand an investigation?
3. Did you volunteer to help a Christian of shared beliefs / ideals run for office?
4. Did you, as a Christian, run for local, state, or federal office?
5. As a Christian, have you bonded with like-minded adults to improve your school system for
Christian children?
up at your church for Christian Conservative folks running for office?
7. Did you think “MAGA” (Make America Great Again) is something Trump (in the viper’s nest of
Washington) was going to accomplish for you?
8. Last year a young man, in a public place, had his red MAGA hat snatched off his head by a rude
and evil behaving grown man. What kind of America is this that every adult of all political parties
did not put a stop to such behavior on the spot, and hold the man until the police arrived?

“Making America Great Again” without an American Christian Spiritual Awakening in the 80% who claim to be Christian, IS NOTHING. When Christians are absent from the process of Public Service (everyone we vote for, and those they appoint), SATAN WILL FILL THE VOID and win the hearts and minds of our young, and older milk / lukewarm Christians.

Matthew 12:25 KJV And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand:”

Matthew 12:30 KJV [Jesus said,] “He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad.”

The exposure of the enemies within is about to get real in America. The White Hats have been preparing America for what is about to be exposed. We are about to once again become the America of good example for the world to follow – UNLESS – we continue to allow the enemies within to divide us. The whole world is watching us and will follow our lead. We will lead for good or for evil, only time will tell the continuing story of America Great Again, or NOT. It is up to you and me.

Take a deep cleansing breath; decide where you will begin or resume Bible study with family and friends; decide to worship Jesus and no other; come into the light and be the leader you know you can be – in your family, community, state, and nation.

Thank you Lord for these words.
I pray there are more to come, and I can resume regular writing.

Texas Lady Juanita
Copyright © 2019 by Juanita Holloway-Walters

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Today’s FB post of interest:

Now . . . bear with me . . . I received a commentary from a pastor, and I read the following article, which inspired my response. If you have a faint heart this is not for you! (but it is – sadly)
Revelation 13:17 speaks of the mark of the beast — commonly known these days as the Antichrist: “And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” Often prophecy is revealed a layer at a time, seemingly to give God’s people more understanding of what is about to come.
The tiny island of Cyprus may well serve as a modern petri dish for what could happen under a “beast” empire. The European Union has required Cyprus to shut down its state-owned bank and raid 40% of accounts above $130,000 to raise about $5.5 billion in exchange for a $13 billion bailout. Leading up to the deal, Cypriots were only allowed $130 per day in bank withdrawals.
Cyprus is divided into two parts — one is recognized by the United Nations as a “democratic republic” and the other part is recognized by only Turkey. UN peacekeepers provide a buffer between the Muslim and Christian sides. The Communist party controls the politics in Cyprus.
Cyprus is a popular destination for “Arab” visitors. Sex trafficking and slavery are a problem in Cyprus, according to the U.S. State Department Trafficking in Persons report. It is also considered a “Casino” economy. In other words, Cyprus, like the United States, is in a fallen moral condition as well as a debt-ridden economic state.
The Cyprus national debt is $21 billion, or about $18,000 per person living in Cyprus.
In comparison, the U.S. National Debt is $16.7 TRILLION. With interest, it is $59.2 TRILLION, which is $187,645 per taxpayer. This, according to U.S. Debt Clock, which obtains its figures via the US Department of Treasury.
If the European Union is willing to confiscate bank accounts over $18,000 of debt for every person living in Cyprus, what would the occupant of the Oval Office be willing to do over $187,645 in debt from each taxpayer — 10 times the amount in Cyprus? The US is a large reflection of Cyprus–a tax and spend socialist government and moral decay combining for a “beast”-type government takeover.
The EU action in Cyprus should serve as a stiff warning to all of what a powerful government can do when the people are unable and/or unwilling to defend themselves against it. For example, Cyprus has the same gun policy that the federal government is proposing in America — gun owners must be licensed and prove a genuine reason to possess a gun. The Cyprus population is essentially disarmed. It had no will nor ability to prevent the EU action.
While we cannot stop the march of prophecy, we can determine our place in it. As the people of Cyprus have determined their place in the EU, the citizens of America can look at this example and decide — beast submission or self-determination.
Best decide before it’s too late.
Bill Wilson — Pastor
I read several articles all over the place. This one is spot on . . .

AND SO I WRITE . . . (because I am always able to talk about the elephant in the room . . .)
It is even more devastating in the immediate. What Bernanke and our leaders have done is make the American depositor believe it will all work out . . . ie. Bank deposits are up . . . stock market is up. Americans believing that their deposits are safe – but it is all smoke and mirrors. Those gullible in America (those same people with their head in the sand – about 250 million), because of this stunt by the IMF (which is based in Washington), Americans will start pulling their money out of the banks and the stock market . . . thus making all the quantitative easing smoke and mirrors null and void. To me this means that everything is accelerating. We could wake up in the middle of a huge disaster any day now, when internationally they are not dumping the dollar discreetly any more – it will be an international dump coupled with Americans pulling money – which will shut the central banks down – and our currency will be dead in the water. Americans would panic. Blood will be shed.
All the pretty Americans are preoccupied with the rotten Supremes and Gay Marriage, while the other hand has sold America out. Russia is behind what happened in Cyprus – that is why they are saying Russia is winning this battle in the war. Bernanke wants out before it all collapses around him. He has played HIGH stakes poker with our stock market and dollar – went “all in” – and lost.
What Pastor Wilson is describing from prophecy is already a done deal.
I don’t see any reason to believe the banks will keep functioning for long.
The Emperor has no clothes – and suddenly everyone will admit it – and the illusion
of hope that we can work out saving the dollar will be gone. Russia, China, Iran . . . how long is the list of our enemies who are working together to see the end of the petro-dollar – thus the American dollar. Masses will quickly sell their souls for a bowl of mush, when the price of a bowl of mush is suddenly $200, and the banks have closed to the general public – but open for those who will say or do anything to be fed. War? Hmmmmmm Those that hate us outnumber us in such large numbers, and our open borders by land and by sea and by air . . . we will fight, and there will be no place to hide with today’s technology. This is what happens to a Godless nation – it becomes irrelevant – not even to be found in the Bible prophecy of what is to come.
I thank the Lord for each day of peace with my family. If I could take our young (kids and grandkids) away from this place that no longer resembles the America I grew up in, I would do it in a heartbeat. But we cannot run from reality, even if we are too old and disabled to be a viable force. God help us all – the wise and the ignorant. I will not be afraid, for I expect the Lord to take us up soon.
I understand that my response came from pure emotion, coupled with facts presented. It is a possibility. We are the watchmen . . . we were told to pay attention, and we do . . . it is just that it seems that there is too much bad stuff happening right now . . . where it leads I cannot tell you for certain . . . I have a crystal ball – but it has never been anything but a large pretty bauble on the bookshelf. I set out to understand the Bible, the world and money, history, science . . . and now I wish I didn’t. Did I tell you about the toy ponies I bought the Grandgirls for Easter?

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