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My 3 regular specialists in the large medical group I am enrolled in are awesome. I had a problem with 3 other specialists brought in for consultation.

– One doctor last year saying, “You know soon no doctor will be allowed to treat you if you do not stop smoking.” He is a podiatrist who did not help me with an ingrown toenail.
– Another surgeon who was the 2nd surgeon on a team of 2 had “no problem” with my smoking before the surgery, and it was discussed. He also had no problem taking the money my 2 insurances paid – but he belittled, and bullied me for 3 years after the surgery.
– And another specialist recently gave me a fifteen minute tirade about how he would not do surgery on me because I smoke (even though my many surgeries have been a success in spite of what he thinks about smoking). He refused to tell me the results of my Upright Open MRI until I quit smoking. He insinuated I needed surgery, but would not do it on me until I quit smoking. He was unbelievably arrogant, belittling, and harassing in his demeanor – and got just short of completely in my face at the end of the consultation.

So I wrote a letter briefly praising my 3 regular specialists, and then giving a blow by blow account of 3 consultations over 3 years that had specialists belittling me, harassing me, and bullying me – and two did not do the consults for which they were paid to do.

I wrote a letter to the head Administrator of the large medical group, and in that letter among other things regarding my care I included the following about my smoking – this is an excerpt from the middle of the very long expose/letter:

…     I looked up the government’s study and results regarding cigarette smoking. I was interested in the section regarding addiction – which is a very lengthy read. It talks about how many just cannot quit. Through many attempts in the late 80’s and early 90’s to quit smoking, without good result, I discovered each time that I became horribly ill. The longest attempt was 3 weeks, and I was horribly ill for a little over 3 weeks. The discovery that I could not be hypnotized was the most interesting aspect of these really awful attempts to quit. Other aids for cessation that I used at different times: pills, patches, and gum. I had adverse effects from the pills; and I cheated regularly on the patches, and on the gum. It is important to note the following, which the government study on this cigarette / nicotine addiction supports:

  • I am truly addicted to cigarettes / nicotine, and it is more difficult for women to quit.
  • My parents were chain smokers – and if you buy into second hand smoke – this would explain that my addiction is a 62 year / entire life addiction – and possibly why I tolerate it so well. It also explains why I started smoking soon after leaving my childhood home for married life. At that time the majority of my friends, co-workers, and family were (some still are) cigarette smokers. I believe that I am the person who simply cannot quit an entire life addiction.
  • I have been living with pain for over 35 years, and cigarettes are a large part of my many years success of controlling pain – a large part of my pain management in the form of instant comfort – even allowing me to work with pain over twenty years – almost always having business owners whom I worked with also smoked, and I was allowed to smoke in my office. My quality of life has been amazing because of my faith, my wonderful 20 year marriage, my xxxxxxxx doctors, and my ability to find means of comfort / pain control: cigarettes, reading, long hot soaks in a tub, etc. [The government report supports this thesis that cigarettes are an effective tool against pain, and therefore quitting is almost impossible. Weighing the good against the bad is impossible for someone who is not the patient.]
  • Between my husband’s awesome fight against his stage 4 Prostate Cancer, and my own struggle with numerous [4] degenerative diseases, I can see little benefit of creating any misery in my life via attempts to stop a 62 year addiction. I believe we must choose our battles wisely, and pick the ones we have a good chance of success. [The government report supports that under long term stress, cigarette smoking is a stress relieving tool.]

It is my opinion that every person is unique, and treatment plans are also unique to each person. I am defined by much more than my diseases. I do not believe that Dr. xxxxxx was interested in knowing who I am or why smoking cessation is not a good idea for me. None of us live forever. When my Creator takes me home to be with Him will be an occasion for joy. I depend on my physicians to help me live the best quality of life I can live with my [4] degenerative diseases, and my human frailties / faults. We all know there are no cures for any of the degenerative diseases I have.

I do take issue with the propaganda that makes people believe I am a burden on society. I am the good citizen that worked hard for 45 years, and purchased medical insurance for myself and my family. The high rates I paid were to help those less fortunate than myself who did not have insurance. After a little research, I have come to the conclusion that older folks who pass on due to medical diseases, all use much more medical assistance before they pass on – not just the ones that smoke.  …

AND ALMOST AT the end of my long letter I asked these questions:

  • …     Is it XXXXXXXXXXXXXX policy that patients that smoke will not be provided medical services by individual doctors, specialties, or in general?
  • Where individual doctors have a particular prejudice against smokers is it XXXXXXXXXXXX policy to allow these doctors to refuse treatment to patients.  If it is, is XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX keeping records of these physicians so that patients that choose to smoke are not referred to them for treatment?
  • Where a patient that chooses to smoke is referred to one of the physicians with significant prejudice regarding smoking does XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX agree that the extent of treatment during these appointments should be to lecture the patient rather than to discuss the medical issue that required the referral, or refer the patient to another doctor in the same specialty that is not so negatively disposed toward patients that choose to smoke? …

THEIR REPLY to my long letter (I saw no reason to share the details of my entire letter in minutia with you – but it was six typed pages in addition to what I have shared with you):

“Ms. Walters – I’m sorry that your visits with XXXX, XXXX and XXXXX were not satisfactory. I have also copied our Medical Director for clinical review.  You should receive a written response from the Medical Director after completion of his review.  Thank you.”

THAT WAS APRIL 3, 2015 and I have not received a response yet.
I will share their response with you when I receive it if possible / plausible.

I see someone posted something in FB about the “death panels” not happening.
It is called Whole Lives Medicine, and if you read Obamacare you will find it. I did spend a couple of paragraphs of my letter saying that Americans do not believe that Americans will allow Whole Lives Medicine to be implemented – especially by Administrators instead of physicians. The first doctor in my letter is basically hoping this will happen so he can tell me he will not treat me. Time will tell if such inhumane acts will be fulfilled as to how it is described in Obamacare.
THIS IS IMPORTANT TO ALL OF US. If they believe they will turn me away because I smoke – soon they will turn you away because you EAT TOO MUCH, or because you race cars / sky dive / play dangerous sports / etc., or because you refuse DNA screening to find out if you have the genes that tell them you will probably have this disease or that disease, NEED I GO ON? Use your imagination. The very young and the old will no longer receive many, many, many procedures, medications, and surgeries if it is implemented. They want to pick and choose who gets the precious medical care available.
These same people who are screaming about equal rights for certain peoples regarding medical care (and other minority choices), are the same ones who want to say medical care will not be wasted on the young, the old, the ones who do not eat and drink as they are told, the ones that DO NOT THINK the way they are told to think, etc. etc. etc. They do not believe in God; they think they are god.

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Freedom Works, the most successful tool in America for getting Conservatives together is asking our opinions on priorities. Hmmmmm.
When you add two groups together – Christians – and those Christians that check the box “other” because it is no one’s business, ALL Christians make the largest group in America = 85% of all Americans. It seems to me that whatever FreedomWorks can do to get all Christian Conservatives, Christian Constitutionalists, Christian Libertarians, etc . . . etc . . .etc . . . AND those that agree that the Republic works best with Christian Values even though they are not Christians . . . under one umbrella to be the largest active peaceful political and religious force in America, then everything else will fall into place.  Our united group must include those politicians and pastors who desire to represent us.

Yes, we can kick those out of the country who demonstrate allegiance to another nation over America!

Yes, we can kick those out of the country who are a drain on America!

Yes, we can kick those out of the country who belong to any faith that teaches the killing of Christians!

Yes, we can kick those organizations members out of the country whose organization is proven to fund terrorists anywhere on the planet.


our government,

our jobs,

our entertainment,

our recreation,

our sports,

our homes,

AND even at the door of our Christian faith!

Obviously, if our civil liberties are intact, everything else also falls into place. Our biggest problem is that if the left wins on all of their issues – the informed right will be upset, and all of the ignorant on the left and right will be upset (a massive number of citizens – say, as many as 80% of all citizens) . . . the ENTIRE Republic will be going insane and become active over-night – but too late. I can hear them now . . .

All the ignorant Americans  . . .

“I didn’t know, it’s not my fault, I was ignorant!” (Yes, I can see it now – no one will think it is their fault)

“I didn’t understand what Obamacare would do to my grandmother! She is only 60. Why can’t she have chemotherapy?”

“I didn’t understand what Obamacare would do to my infant!” . . . “Oh my God!!! I thought I would get better care! This is barbaric! Please do more for my baby. Please, she will die! I don’t understand – the odds are 70% for the surgery she needs . . . and without it her odds are zero!”

“What do you mean you are giving me the immunization whether I want it or not! I have rheumatoid arthritis, I cannot have that immunization! No! Stop! You all get your hands off of me!”

“BBBUT O M G!!!! I thought prohibiting guns would make us safer – where did all these horrible gangs and robbers get all these weapons to terrorize the American people”

“Why are there not enough cops to come to our home when we are robbed – they told us to fill out A FORM ONLINE!!”

“Why is my thermostat being controlled by the light company? What happened to my rights? My poor baby is sick, I NEEEED my heat more than six hours a day!”

“Why did they close all the coal plants . . . the gas plants . . . OMG they closed them down before they were able to make windmills work for us! What do you mean I don’t have any rights?”

“What do you mean all I can use is an electric car, beginning in 2018? I don’t have enough electric usage licenses to even heat and cool my home for my family!”

“They are teaching my children the Muslim faith in school. My cousin is a Christian Pastor and he was put in prison for preaching the Gospel! My grandkids are being taught what GREAT MEN Hitler, Marx, and Mao were! What do you mean I cannot home school my kids?” (My grandson already learned that Hitler is a great man at school about six years ago – so don’t even argue with me on this one.)

“What do you mean I cannot go to college? You did what? You deducted from my DNA and my Senior Test Scores that a college education is wasted on me?” “How did you get my DNA?” “What do you mean you have access to all of my medical records?”

“You cannot do this to me! I have rights! You cannot lock me up, by God, this is America! I am entitled to a trial before a judge and a jury of my peers! I have a right to know who my accuser is! Come back! Let me out of here, now! What is happening to me?”

“This is my child. You cannot take my child away from me! Hey, come back here! THAT IS MY BABY!!!”

“You cannot sterilize me against my will! That is insane! This is not China, this is America!”

“What do you mean you have assigned half of my home to another family? You cannot do that! This is my home! What do you mean it now belongs to the state? What do you mean you can throw me in prison for making this transition difficult? What? And throw my family to the street? Are you crazy? I paid for this home! It is mine! Get out of my house! Stop, get your hands off of me!”

“Hellooooo, is anyone listening to me? Hellooooo  . . . Helloooooooo . . .?”

“Oh God, what is happening? What is to become of us Lord? I didn’t know. It’s not my fault!”

WAKE UP FOLKS; WE ARE NEARING THE EDGE OF REASON. Ask someone from NAZI Germany how quickly it all happened. Just talk to them and ask. You owe it to yourself to just ask the questions and learn. It can only be stopped if most Americans educate themselves on what is happening today, and what it will lead to tomorrow.  If not for you . . . then for your kids, parents, grand kids? Are you sure you want the opposite of a Christian nation?

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