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I have received some heat lately from friends regarding my attitude toward conservative candidates. How can I explain . . . I have been fighting the pro-American fight for decades. I do believe in the Constitution, and Conservative ideals. I have studied history, and the founders. America is one of a tiny group of nations originally created for Gods glory.

And then again . . . America is like the Civil War – fought primarily for the power of the dollar and control – disguised by the cause that captured the imaginations and heart strings from every good soul in America. The end of slavery is a noble cause. If only it were completely true. How do you explain millions of Americans working their butts off for 45+ years with little to show for it when they retire; and millions of Americans and Illegals living off of the workers. ALL of this mostly unproductive charity is government ordained, and government arranged. It has not made Americans better off, but has destroyed the fabric of what America was. American charity is defined as slavery for those who work to support their own family, and support those on the dole. It is also defined as slavery for those born into the nanny state – because the nanny state is designed to keep Americans living in poverty.

The tail has been wagging the dog in America, and we are just deceiving ourselves if we think the crap won’t hit the economic fan one day, as well as our spiritual fan. The current American economic plan, and spiritual-undoing plan, is designed to drain and destroy America.

SO, one day, in a recent year I began waking up from the American political nightmare, and I began to slowly realize there was no political party for Christians. All political parties lead to the same destination for America; and America is now speeding down the wrong path more rapidly with each year. The Holy Spirit in me said, be still – you need to understand God’s Word, and The Lord in you, before focusing on the changes in America . . . and realize it is going to take the majority of our American nation of primarily Christians, on their repentant knees, for America to change her path in history.

EVEN SO, all Christians should already know that Satan is ruling this earthly realm . . . the world is his yet, for another season. I am in God’s right hand. Satan cannot have me. But, seldom on this planet have Satan’s temptations been so prevalent, and in such a wide variety – to constantly tempt, and desensitize me and you. We live in an age different than any other before. In the privacy of our own dwelling we can have temptations on screens of many sizes.

How far has it gone? When a man who will have male DNA, as given by his Creator, for his entire life, is given a prestigious award for all of this Christian nation to see, for being brave by running around publicly acting like a woman (I read he still has a penis, and therefore classify him male, as God made him) – then I have to ask the 75% of Christians who live here in America, is this something a Christian nation would promote with national pride, and awards?

As Christians, all we can do right now is to let The Lord, by way of The Holy Spirit that is in us, help us to be the best Christian example we can be. In case you don’t realize it, I am talking to the 75% of Americans who claim to be Christian. Not perfect, for I am not, and you are not perfect . . . But, we do live by example, for others to see The Lord in us in every breathing human moment of our lives. IF that had truly described the majority of us these last many decades, we would have continued as a nation on a more righteous path. The enemy, Satan, would not own so many facets of our nation, our lives, and our children’s lives.

We are instructed to seek out Christian leaders. If we had done this diligently on local, state, and federal posts, we would not have been so severely deceived on so many fronts. We would not have a president elected that no one truly knows anything about. We would not have a castrated Congress of those elected from among a BROKEN us. We would not be entertained by such sexual and violent fornication of mind, body, and soul. We would not allow our youth to openly disrespect – their parents- their teachers – persons of authority – and THEMSELVES. We would not send our beloved family members to fight for our culture (mom, home, spouses, apple pie, and children), and allow them – the greatest troops – to fight at a deliberate deficit in the rules of war – against pure evil in purpose and deed. We are broken from coast to coast.


How did we lose the momentum in the noble directions of our forefathers? How did we lose our way? As a Christian Nation, we lost our faith. No one is supposed to judge anyone’s definition of Christianity. But know this. Without elevating God’s Word, we are Christians in word only. Less than ¼ of Christians today study their Bibles.


Without real Christian faith, belief in the gospel regarding Jesus Christ, belief in God’s Word, and God’s laws for man . . . There is no America. There are not thousands of correct interpretations of the Holy Bible.  There is only one correct meaning of the Scriptures. There is no true America if not defined by our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution and held together by our Biblical Christian faith – we are just spinning our wheels with our insane and corrupt elections. We are silly in thinking that anyone voted into office from among a broken electorate, will turn the ship of America back on a righteous, Godly course.


Liberal judges of all political parties are writing laws all the way to the Supreme Court, instead of holding Americans accountable to our laws as written in our Constitution. Constitutional law was replaced by elusive case law that changes with the wind of political opinion. Now, we elect a president who declares his cronies above the law; and ignores existing laws.  We have millions of people in our nation that are not only here illegally, but they are coddled with money stolen from hard working Americans. America has become a lawless nation, full of liars and thieves.


Any child has the tools to tell you what is wrong with a system of a handful of political primaries that swindle me out of being able to vote for any good man I wanted on the presidential ballot . . . and thereby rigging elections long before this Texan ever had her vote. There is no party representing Christian Americans Period. This is the huge elephant in the room that no one wants to own up to, or talk about. We are a snivelly bunch of Christians who will not stand up for our children. As long as all the Milk Christians, the Lukewarm Christians, and the Pseudo-Christians silently agree to not talk about, and own up to the truth – Satan’s hold on this once faithful nation will not be broken.

Christian America, what say you? WHERE ARE YOU?

2 Chronicles 7:14

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

Revelation 2:5 – Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy candlestick out of his place, except thou repent.

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WHAT MUST HAPPEN FOR POSITIVE CHANGE in America is to get rid of what should never have been part of our political process! The PRIMARY SYSTEM for the delegation of candidates in America is a MANIPULATED PROCESS to countermand your rights as an American Citizen, and our Constitution. In the political process – only members of the “Rich Boys Club” and their Puppets are locked into the formal candidacy without ANY other Americans having a shot at these public offices. IF Americans were allowed to put forth candidates they believe in, citizens they have come to know and trust, AND IF the primary was done on the same day in all fifty states, then YOU AND I WOULD BE ABLE TO VOTE IN THE PRIMARY ELECTIONS FOR THOSE CITIZENS WHOM WE HAVE CONFIDENCE. BUT THAT IS NOT WHAT IS DONE! The early Primary Election process in a handful of the same states that are politically owned by the “Rich Boys Club,” always elect their own rich boys, or their own puppets. By the time I vote in a Texas Primary, the already whittled down bag of candidates presented to me are always men I would never choose to represent me in public service office.
With the age of Breitbart and a million other bloggers, including news sources, all of America can get their trusted local candidates on the primary ballots. We can come to know and like or dislike fifty different candidates who desire elected office and ALL AMERICANS CAN WHITTLE DOWN THE POOL TOGETHER – rich, poor, and everyone in-between can participate in the process. Whether we are talking national level politics, state level, or local, the process should be open to all AMERICANS.
IF WE THE PEOPLE GET RID OF TERM LIMITS IN THE SENATE, THE INCENTIVE FOR THE RICH BOY’S CLUB TO SPEND THEIR BILLIONS ON ELECTIONS GOES AWAY! And Americans can get back to elected officials coming from the whole American pool of citizens who want to serve their fellow citizens, and then go back into private life after serving you and I.
The reason I post less often than other bloggers? I REFUSE TO REGURGITATE THE SAME MESSAGE TO YOU 24/7/365 AD NAUSEUM. Aren’t we all sick of a million bloggers telling you the same message over and over again? I know I am. There are people out there whom I respect and trust – for example – The Patriot Post – but I don’t even click on the email 80% of the time because the title of the message is getting old. I am not so ignorant that I need someone regurgitating the same information 24/7/365. I promise to not bother you in the future, unless I have something of current importance to tell you.
There is nothing we can do as Americans more important than putting an end to the Primary Process, and creating term limits for the Senate. Aren’t you all – from ALL PARTIES – sick of America continuing down the same old path of lying to us, of keeping the poor people in the “poor people’s dumbing down welfare system,” continuing to dumb down our educational system, continuing to steal the wealth of America, continuing to regulate American business out of business, disrespecting our veterans, and continuing to destroy our military?

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