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From moment to moment we don’t even know who’s team we are on . . . Washington looks more like a set up to me – dead men tell no tales? – and all those people they have kept in lock down? . . . and the facts change with the hour . . . our enemy today is our friend tomorrow is our enemy the next day . . . WMD everywhere – you are made to feel paranoid – your water – your food . . . as long as man has his sin nature, THERE WILL BE NO UTOPIA, get it yet? . . . take my guns away – but arm the IRS and the EPA – nope, we will not let it happen – we love our children – most of us understand honest endeavor – there must be good people everywhere, but I will bank on the ones I know here for sure . . . G20 / G8 / “I will have more leverage after the election” – who’s doing who? . . . At the end of the day, all bets are off. I will place my trust in the Lord, and then in my husband . . . and I will love the grand babies that I am able to see often for sure – and the rest from afar. We must not sell our souls to the devil. This song came to mind tonight as I was watching all the badly done brinkmanship .

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