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Who will tell the poor to kick the corrupt politicians and ‘Ghetto Pimps’ out of their poor existences?
Why? Because the corrupt politicians and ‘Ghetto Pimps’ have not helped the poor. They have spent many fortunes to fool the people. The ‘War on Poverty’ is a horrible failure because it was, and is, an evil political strategy for corruption, control, and power.

Who will convince the American people that there has been zero warming on the globe for fifteen years, and that those who are pushing this huge lie have already made billions off of it . . . not to mention the power grab that is the end result?

Who will tell the masses that their American wealth has been stolen from them? The bubbles are well constructed scams to steal your wealth, and they must be exposed before the BIG BANG FINALE.

Who will tell the middle class that they can keep the fruits of their labor? Those fruits are the substance used for growing businesses and hiring more Americans.

Who will tell the poor and middle class that if they vote for truly conservative citizens, they will squash the laws and regulations that are squandering the poor and turning the middle class into a melting pot of massive failure? Who will lead the poor and middle class back to great futures? Who will unify us in God’s sight?

Who will tell Americans to stop buying crap from China, and fifteen other third world nations – and band together to make the excellent products OURSELVES that Americans (and the world) will buy? Who is sick of buying clothing that falls apart, electronics that don’t last, and household products that are inferior? Who will overturn all of the regulations that have put Americans out of business, and the 3rd  World countries in business – so the uber-rich and uber-powerful can become more rich and powerful off of the backs of the 3rd World people? We must once again be the excellent example for the world to follow. We must never let the enemy turn America into a 3rd World cesspool of their making, and of their control.

Who is sick of arguing about topics that divert America from the problems that leave people homeless and hungry? -Topics that do nothing but generate false hate among good American bretheren? Who else is sick of this? Who will explain it to the Americans, so they will finally understand?

–          I don’t care if you are gay or straight. In light of that, it is not a profitable subject for our children. It is a divider of families and communities. It does not build strong character in children; it confuses them. Children do not belong to the minorities of this country, and it is time we remembered that. Who will lead us out of this horrendous mess?

–          I don’t care what color your skin is! Most Americans do not care what color your skin is. We are all equal under the law, and it is time to stop allowing the politicians to race bait people who are NOT PREJUDICED IN THE FIRST PLACE! Who is going to explain this to the people so they finally understand how destructive this is for ALL of us?

–          Who is going to explain to the people that they are aborting their race out of existence? Pick a race – any race – it is the same story.

Who is ready to bring the discussions back to what is important in our lives, and our children’s lives?
Who is ready to change our educational systems back to teach the subjects that increase our knowledge’ and how we can use that knowledge to improve our American families and endeavors?
Who will remind America that we must heal our own nation before we can possibly help any other nation? Who remembers when we were an excellent example unto the world? – When American families were our strongest and most excellent asset?

Who will be the excellent preacher in America, following Billy Graham’s life example? Who is sick of avoiding churches that do not preach the Bible and salvation? Who is sick of our judicial system violating our God given rights? Who is sick of people who preach and politick that they are the gods who should decide our rights? – And who vainly believe they can take our rights?

Are you sick of sending the best among us to wars with their hands tied behind their backs? – Thus aiding the enemy? Are you sick of cheating the best among us of their due? – Not just our military, but our senior citizens too?

Who is sick of the government controlled media? Who would like to circulate the facts – whatever they are – THE TRUTH? Then get at it NOW, before it is too late. Be a hero. Be a role model. First we thought Fox would stick to the straight and narrow, and we have been watching it turn. Then we had people like Limbaugh, Beck, and Hannity – but they only give you certain truths, and will not go any further. UTOPIA WILL NEVER EXIST AS LONG AS MEN HAVE THEIR SIN NATURE. This is why it is important to report the facts, and let good men decide what they will believe. We don’t all have to believe the exact same things . . . but there are certain truths that are self-evident . . . and reporting must never cross that line, making people believe they are pond scum, or that anyone is inferior to others . . . and, ALL MEN are subject to the same laws – Presidents, Teachers, Garbage Collectors, Engineers, Poets, Rock Stars, Cabinet Makers, Secretaries, Oilmen, Homemakers . . . ALL EQUAL UNDER THE LAW.

Are you ready to be an example of the good in America?
Are you ready to be a leader?
Are you ready to vote for men of excellence?
Are you ready to support America’s history of Judeo/Christian laws that influenced all that has been good about America’s history?
Are you ready to learn from America’s mistakes, and endeavor to avoid those mistakes again?
Are you ready to never send the best among us to a war again, unless it is important to America to win – and we send our best out TO WIN?
Are you ready to get down on your knees and pray with all American faithful?
Are you ready to elevate those among you who embody excellent American character – of America’s predominantly Christian culture? Are you ready to remember what and who that is?
Who among you will lead us? I am praying on this without ceasing. Please pray with me.

Copyright © 2014 by Juanita Holloway-Walters
All Rights Reserved.

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