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Quietly. Peacefully. Lovingly.
Faithfully. In Belief. Prayerfully.
O Lord, I pray to be in communion
with Your will for my life.
To heart-fully and mind-fully
be Your child in these days
of earthly deceptions;
To not be drawn into
worldly views,
counterfeit values,
seductive outcomes.
The reminder of Your gift
on this Easter,
of which I am not worthy,
but thankfully accept,
of redemption,
and salvation,
for eternity.
I question not the substance
of Your love and gift.
I pray for all of mankind,
as Your Creation,
to honor You and see You
first, and foremost,
today, and tomorrow,
in the truth of who You are,
as evidenced in all of Creation
in every moment
of that which is seen,
and unseen,
of and by,
Your Word.

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As a Christian American –

If we each seek to do good things in our little space in time –

And we allow big things to happen in America’s big space in time –

And those big things are ruses to rob, and enslave our children –

Will we be guilty of the death of Liberty in America?

Will we be guilty of the death of Christianity in America?

Will we be guilty of a bad fate for our offspring?

Are we sure that we will not be as responsible as those who are inflicting the actual harm / evil?

We each have different God given talents to be used for God’s glory. How have you used your talents?

When the Lord left us, he did not leave us to our own devices. He left us His Holy Spirit, and His Words given to mankind by the Holy Spirit. What we are each doing here in America is not a mere test. We have only one shot at getting our lives right. Just as the nails pained our Lord who did not have to suffer human reality for our sake, when we choose to neglect or abandon our faith in Him and His Holy Words, we condemn ourselves to constantly seek fulfillment that will not come to us any other way.

The overwhelming evidence of His Creation becomes ever more evident with each new scientific discovery. Man should not have thought the earth is flat, for the scriptures tell us differently: Isaiah 40:22 “[It is] He that sitteth upon the circle of the earth.” We didn’t need a scientist to tell us that there are more than three dimensions, for the scriptures tell us so: Ephesians 3:18 “May be able to comprehend with all saints what [is] the breadth, and length, and depth, and height.” Even if we could not read His Words, He expects us to know Him by His Creation.

In these modern scientific times, it is a willful, stubbornness that refuses to recognize His Supernatural Creation in so many discoveries such as our intricate DNA. It has been said in similar words many times, the complexities of a single human cell could be no more random than the workings of a simple watch. You could put the components of a watch in a bowl, and leave them there for your entire life, and they will not come together and make a watch. What kind of arrogance has man fallen into that he stubbornly denies super-intelligent creation, and prefers to believe we were made by a random accident? The kind of arrogance is such that modern man and woman doesn’t want to believe anything they want to do is sinful, and that it is up to men to decide, instead of what God has already decided. If men decide, then the biggest thug on the block / city / state /nation will be doing the deciding for us. God’s Supreme laws will be ignored, and man’s laws will change as often as the wind.

With each moment of each human wandering into death without God, a glimmer of true innocence and joy in the world of humans blinks out of existence. The evil that grows upon the nations of the earth is a direct effect of the cause of: unrighteousness masquerading as righteousness; of filth masquerading as wholesomeness; of the errant church masquerading as the Body of Christ; and of evil masquerading as good – and all of this errant cause grows more stubbornly planted among men each day.

There are men that cry “God is only an illusion man has held.” In our souls, if we search deep, we know that human death is the beginning of new life as promised by God, or a new death. Either choice is the result of our individual free will.

Our reasons for marriage, children, and endeavor all change with baptism of the Holy Spirit. As humans, we are not perfect, but as a child of the Lord, we are able to feel humility, shame, and repentance for those things we do from fear, anger, lust, and greed. Instead of a decaying world, we were meant for true hope and change that the Lord brings to our lives individually; for the Lord IS the spirit of truth, justice, love, peace, and JOY.

How is it that when America was strong in her Christianity, multitudes in the world looked to emulate America because of the goodness and bounty of her citizens. Immigrants used to come here and be proud to become American citizens, and meld into America’s Christian culture. My own mother did not teach me how to speak the beautiful Castilian Spanish she spoke, because she wanted her children to be Americans. Now, the world grows to hate Americans more each year because what they see is a government more corrupted with each passing decade; and a people largely preoccupied with sin, which is the result of America’s luke-warm treatment of her Christian faith.

I pray that this Easter Americans remember the Gospel regarding Jesus Christ, and rejoice in the fact of His resurrection. Americans need to remember who we are: Isaiah 40:31 “But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew [their] strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; [and] they shall walk, and not faint.”

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