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Who Has Earned Your Trust?

Who has earned your trust? – In this administration? – in prior administrations? – in this Congress?- In prior Congress? – This gaggle of Judges? – Any prior gaggle of Judges? I ask you this because we, as in We The People, need to ask ourselves this question and others. Who does the most to perpetrate divisions in America? The questions are honest ones, and deserve honest answers. Did you know that as a high operative of the CIA, Osama Bin Laden’s aka was Colonel Timothy Osmond? I did not know that until recently, and I am still in a state of shock.
Ask yourself why the Boston Bombing? Why would 2 Chechnyan brothers bomb at a marathon? It makes no sense at all to the American citizen who is looking for answers. Who had something to gain from the bombing episode? DHS had everything to gain. In a post War On Terrorism, many Americans are asking themselves why we need the huge cost of DHS. Not a single border has been protected – not by land, not by sea, and not by air – zip, zilch, nada. WE DO NOT NEED DHS – but our socialist politicians believe they do to keep us in line. Ask yourself WHEN in our history have we cowered in our homes, not opening our businesses, not traveling in our cities – TO CATCH ONE “DANGEROUS” BOY! We not only obeyed their orders to not leave our homes, but don’t you just know today they are patting themselves on their little socialists backs of how they made an entire LARGE American city cower.
The following article is one that you may find interesting, if you can open your mind enough to just consider it . . .

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