He thought enough of me
to converse a thousand
kinds of conversations
over thousands of days.

He thought enough of me
to break bread a thousand
kinds of epicurean delights
over thousands of meals.

He thought enough of me
to court me every day
with romance and love
enough to fill a fine book.

He thought enough of me
to make millions of memories
very sweet and love true
over millions of moments.

He thought enough of me
to vow before almighty God
to love, trust, and cherish
until death we do part.

How do I finally say goodbye?
How do I redirect my vows
from my forever true love
to any possibility of other.

My heart yearns to turn
the dimension of time
infinitely backwards
to my comforting memories.

Now it has become painful
to bottle up the thousands
of leftover I love yous
trapped in my heart.

I have become lonely
since he went to be
with The Lord above
who loves us completely.

I will confess to His Spirit
my forever true Friend
who lives deep inside
my forever soul and spirit

I find as time goes by
a million unstoppable
new thoughts and feelings
bubbling up inside my heart.

I dream of an imagined love
who converses and dines
with a different sort of me
making memories anew.

And I wonder is it possible
from our Creator, above
to have in His plan for me
another memory companion.

Texas Lady Juanita

Copyright © 2019 by Juanita Holloway-Walters

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2 thoughts on “A MEMORY COMPANION

  1. Rebecca Monroe says:

    Yes, my darling friend, it is possible. I will use an example from right down the road. Mr Sam and Miss Lucille were married over 50 years, but the Lord took Mr Sam home. After a few years had passed, an old flame of hers from high school moved back to the area. Well, Mr Roy swept Lucille off her feet. They had a wedding shower for her like she was 20 getting married the first time. Both loved their own homes. They got married and stayed different nights in each other’s homes. They both had huge families that didn’t necessarily like the new marriage. But Mr Roy and Miss Lucille were lovebirds. For over seven years, they were very happy. The Lord called Mr Roy home. The next day, Miss Lucille put the coffee where the water goes in the coffee maker. Within six months, Miss Lucille was gone, too. She loved Mr Sam and Mr Roy both. Before Mr Roy passed, someone asked Miss Lucille which of her husbands she thought she would be with in heaven. She said, “Why on earth should I worry about that? The Lord has always put me with the right man. I leave that to the Lord!” (Miss Lucille was a legendary cook. I have seen one of her coconut pies sell at auction for $1800!)

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