When anyone talks about controlling “the weather” many laugh and cries of “conspiracy theorist” are heard. Did you know that scientists during WWII were doing serious research to control the weather – for both good and bad purpose? Now, over 60 years later, how much progress do you think has been made? Hmmmmmm?

Weather has, through human history, made some pretty bizarre displays without human interference. Now, suppose, as governments desire to do some pretty bizarre experiments, how would they hide the efforts of a small scientific team?

Would you produce some junk science in the 70’s about global cooling? . . . And a couple of decades later produce some junk sciences about global warming? . . . And a couple of decades later produce some junk science about climate change?

The oldest history book tells about a global flood created by God. This phenomenon is also recorded in many places that are not The Bible. Weather is pretty bizarre at times without mans tampering. Man tampering with the weather could / would bring about experimental disasters. This is much more likely the cause of “climate changes.”

Even more likely are the scientists willing to say anything for grant money, funding, tenure, salaries, and perks. It may almost be a right of passage into a special group who can believe that the means to their pet project, justifies the ends of the political climate project to cover up what the real agenda is : climate experimentation.

Just food for thought. It is worth a mention that the Lord has told us He keeps everything about this planet in its tight and precarious balance. If you happen to be in the super majority as Christians in America, I believe our Lord’s opinion on this matter takes precedence over a bunch of politicians.

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