We now learn that our main stream American media was “forbidden” by the ‘White House’ to talk about the Embassy WE BUILT IN BAGHDAD from its day of groundbreaking forward. Until yesterday, I didn’t know that the U S Embassy in Baghdad is a FORTRESS. I had envisioned it to be similar to our other embassies in the Middle East. I want to hear your opinions . . . . . . . . . . .

My first thoughts? I see in the near future “U N Peace Troops” taking Baghdad, and that fortress Embassy becomes U N Asset #1. After a short period of time the un-freaking believably huge and top of the line Palace (Saddam Hussein built) in Babylon becomes U N Asset #2. When we invaded over a decade ago, we also saw that more than 1/2 of the City of Babylon had been restored at great expense. At the time it was just interesting. It was during this time that it was rumored that the U N Headquarters was entertaining the idea of moving it’s headquarters to the Palace in Babylon. Knowing this, you can appreciate where I might get the idea that we built, (WITH OUR AMERICAN TAX DOLLARS?) the fortress embassy for the U N. Of course, if my hunch is true, we will hear from our politicians how fortunate for us that the U N wound up with the fortress embassy . . . instead of “real” terrorists!

Many Americans have wanted the U N Headquarters off U S Soil for decades. Did you know that our enemies feel the same way? The terrorist loving / breeding nations who parade themselves as “humanitarians” would feel right at home in Baghdad and Babylon. Can you think of any other reason we built that Embassy like a fortress larger than Vatican City? When I think of American lives lost through a terms of engagement that creates dead troops for us, and aids the enemy . . . I REMEMBER ASKING “WHERE IS THE SHOCK AND AWE?” Sadly, I think I am shocked and awed beyond any understanding of why we did anything we did in the Middle East.

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  1. Donna Sekeres says:

    you finally uncovered the “shock and awe”and just when we thought nothing would surprise us.

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