Last night, at the CMT Awards, Country Music showed itself to be its fundamental transformed entity of the dark side. Just like many other iconic “American” identities, the death of our traditional two stepping, waltzing, and polkaing around the Country Western dance floor have given way to something I don’t recognize. For over a year we have witnessed the injection of rap into Country, and a lot of songs that – given the T & A in the videos – bandy around lyrics like “gotta get me some of that.” Talk about a war on women – I do not want my granddaughters growing up in a world where their identity is just as a sex object. After women have traveled so far to be seen as viable members of society as mothers, and in the workplace, it is disheartening to see them falling into the pit of being primarily sex objects again.

Conspicuously missing from this year’s CMT Music Awards were George Strait, Reba McIntire, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Vince Gill, Scotty McCreery, Dolly Parton, Trace Adkins, Martina McBride, Brad Paisley, Kix Brooks, Ronnie Dunn, Sawyer Brown, Kenny Chesney, Randy Travis, Toby Keith, Chris Young, Zac Brown Band, Hank Williams Jr., Kelly Clarkson, Sheryl Crow, Gretchen Wilson, Gloriana, Shooter Jennings, Willie Nelson, Taylor Swift, and Thompson Square. Perhaps they were there and the camera did not land on them. Perhaps I just missed seeing all of them giving and receiving awards, but I don’t think so.

Perhaps crossover hits from Love and Theft . . . would have been preferred by me . . . over Brantley Gilbert’s death and satanic visual effects, and the most blatant satanic hand signs of the night. At least Jason Aldean back stage had the presence of mind to flash his required satanic hand sign while looking away from the camera – seeming ashamed even as he did it. The kids may not know what it really is, but I assure you that the artists and their promoters do. When we saw these hand signs in heavy metal, everyone knew what they were. When I wrote about these hand signs recently, I got a lot of ignorant rhetoric about it being a “love” sign. Ignorance is no excuse when Satan himself is watching a hand sign that for millennium has been Satanic being required of artists that many young people worship . . . and in the audience one can see the masses mimicking what their “idols” do.

Ray Price died this year and someone should have sung “For the Good Times” and delivered a eulogistic thank you for his music contributions over the decades. Where was the memorial for George Jones?

As for me, I have watched my last CMT Awards show; and I will be listening to the Oldies Country station, adding it to the Oldies Rock and Roll, and Oldies in general. This “older woman” will encourage my children and grandchildren to follow suit.

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