Memorial Day

My Hero is my husband, a man named John. He is a happy, calm and peaceful force. He loves God. He loves me. He loves our combined children, their spouses, and their children. He loves America, and the American people, whether they deserve his love or not. He is forever prepared in his mind and soul to be a skilled force that is uniquely an American Marine. He is an American Hero. I love this honorable man with every fiber of my being.

On this Memorial Day, I realize that our National Cemeteries dearly hold the remains of thousands of American Heroes. Many of these Heroes lives were cut drastically short because of their Honorable Service for you and me, our ancestors, and future generations of Americans. One day, hopefully a long time from now, John’s physical remains will be buried in a National Cemetery in Texas. By virtue of being blessed enough to marry an American Hero, my remains will rest next to my husband. For eternity my remains with be surrounded by the remains of American Heroes. It will be an honor for which I will thankfully accept as a gift from every American Hero who has died to keep me safe and living in liberty.  I pray to deserve the sacrifice these American Heroes gave for me.

Taking the time today to give honorable recognition in loving and respectful memory of our fallen American Heroes should be foremost in our minds as we spend time with our families and friends. You may desire to show your respect by having an extra place setting at your dinner table for those who have fallen in service to our Republic. As we sit down at our individual holiday dinners let us all remember to lift our glass in a toast to our absent American Heroes . . . and a prayer for those troops serving around the world for their safe return.

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One thought on “Memorial Day

  1. Donna Sekeres says:

    HOO RAH!!!!!

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