Quietly. Peacefully. Lovingly.
Faithfully. In Belief. Prayerfully.
O Lord, I pray to be in communion
with Your will for my life.
To heart-fully and mind-fully
be Your child in these days
of earthly deceptions;
To not be drawn into
worldly views,
counterfeit values,
seductive outcomes.
The reminder of Your gift
on this Easter,
of which I am not worthy,
but thankfully accept,
of redemption,
and salvation,
for eternity.
I question not the substance
of Your love and gift.
I pray for all of mankind,
as Your Creation,
to honor You and see You
first, and foremost,
today, and tomorrow,
in the truth of who You are,
as evidenced in all of Creation
in every moment
of that which is seen,
and unseen,
of and by,
Your Word.

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