April 26, 2014

Mr. Tim McGraw
Mr. Kenney Chesney
Mr. Keith Urban

Why you? You are in the top twenty of my most favorite singers covering the 61 years I have been on this planet. I was happily singing along to “One of Those Nights,” “Come Over,” and “For You,” in 2012 when someone sent me a short video about Satanic trends in music. Some of the music stars Satanic homage in other genres were not surprising to me. I think it is beyond very sad that someone with Beyonce’s beauty and talent should put out videos that are nothing but nasty porn. JLo’s nasty performance on American Idol a couple of weeks ago almost made me want to cry for her children that will forever see their beautiful mother doing crotch shots to the world, while singing a song that makes a mockery out of her talent.

Even though many music artists may not be directly involved with a Satanic cult, they bandy about the millennia old (constant throughout recorded history) hand sign for Satan. Perhaps it is done for money and the ability to actually get one’s music out there for the public to hear, (assuming Satan is running the music business for all genres now), but that does not make it right. Those who are in a position to influence young minds will be judged more harshly by our Creator on Judgment Day. Do you think that is a fair statement? My PRIMARY QUESTION this: Why are you bandying about (often unmistakably an in your face action) the hand sign for Satan? (Also used for beckoning Satan.) Tim, you use the same hand that is at the end of the arm with the Christian Jesus Fish tattoo, to bandy the hand sign of Satan, which makes your offense even more troubling.

It is bad enough that country music has become a showcase for T & A (and all that implies), but why is it going down the path of being evil’s hand maiden (pun intended). Now that I know about it, I see it all the time in music videos. When one starts researching country music videos, it is very noticeable how often artists raise their hands in the air, but the shot at the top of the screen is constantly cut off at the wrist. Based on how many times I see the Satanic hand sign in view of the camera I cannot help but wonder how many of those cut off hands are making the sign.

There are others in the Country Music industry who have gone down a bad path almost immediately.
I have loved many kinds of music in my life, but always held Country Music in the spirit of The Grand Old Opry to a higher moral standard. Country Music, which has often been described as America’s music, has become infested with Crass phrases such as Thomas Rhet singing “Shakin that money maker,” and “I gotta get me some of that.”

One day while driving down a farm road in Galveston County, TX, with the top down on my convertible, enjoying the drive, the beautiful day, and music a few summers ago, I heard Florida Georgia Line “Cruise” the first time on the radio – the metaphors of “Baby you a song” – ‘comparing a woman to a song one cannot get out of their brain’ . . . and I loved it. Then, with each new video of that song – where all that was needed was one camera shot of a girl coming out of the Georgia water in a bathing suit in a tastefully directed video – it rather becomes more and more pornographic (original, award show video with Nelly, and the remix video with Nelly). When my son was a teenager, I had MTV blocked at home for this reason. I didn’t want my son getting addicted to pornographic videos. I did not want my son to grow up with a blatant disrespect of women.

A third example is our darling of darlings, Taylor Swift. As I was doing research for this commentary, I was convinced that she was a fairly clean act in her videos until I ran across Victoria’s Secret soft porn contribution for 2013 during which Taylor performed, and there it was in at least two places – models bandying about the hand sign for Satan. Another singer, I thought might be innocent was Jason Aldean. I don’t know what made me click on an interview about his surprising day job before music, and at almost the end there it is, Jason bandying the hand sign of Satan. It is almost as if these people are required to give tribute at some point in their public appearances to Satan.

Steering this Open Letter Commentary back to the three I am writing to specifically . . .

On Tim McGraws Superstar Summer Night There were three places where the hand sign of Satan is easily seen:
Near the end of Tim’s first song, “One of Those Nights” the camera picks up the fans and you clearly see it above the heads of the crowd. One of those camera shots is clearly made to showcase the sign at center screen.
Next when Nelly comes on stage with Florida Georgia Line to sing “Cruise” he does it during the song. There are a couple of “iffy” signs, but there is one shot where the sign is very clear and unmistakable. Then Tim does it about 34+ minutes into the show while singing “Two Lanes of Freedom”; shortly after he makes reference to God in his song.
During an award show when Tim does “Rock Star,” as well as his “Southern Girl” and “Looking For That Girl” videos he bandies the sign very clearly. The hand sign for Satan in one part of “Looking For That Girl,” shows how comfortable he is with making this hand sign in an in-your-face fashion.

The very first time I noticed the Satanic hand sign in any Country video was at the end of a Kenny Chesney video. Usually, at home, I am not paying attention to the videos. It is just background Country music for cooking, playing on the computer, doing laundry, or whatever. But I just happened to look up at almost the end of “Pirate Flag.” I went to my computer to bring the video up to make sure I had not been mistaken. My heart truly sank when I realized that one of my favorite singers was calling forth Satan with a hand sign. Other songs I have noticed it in are “When The Sun Goes Down” and “When I See This Bar.”

Last week on American Idol I was taken aback when Keith Urban bandied the hand sign, with both hands, for Satan during the show. I shouldn’t have been surprised though because I received a CMT email a few months ago that had a head to toe picture of Keith where he was making the hand sign of Satan for the camera. Keith is almost always playing the guitar in his videos, so I am thinking this is why he does his (required?) homage to Satan in publicity still photographs. I went to Keith’s public photos and couldn’t find the same one, but there are others with the same hand sign for Satan.

A few days later it occurred to me that I haven’t seen very many verbal or written commentaries regarding this issue. You may ask; why do I want to know? Because, before I work very hard to get those who participate on any level with Satan out of the lives of my children, my grandchildren, and many of their friends, I wanted to be able to tell family and friends that I had done my best to contact these stars and confirm exactly what the hell they think they are doing. So, here I am asking in an Open Letter / Commentary – What the hell do you think you are doing?
Most sincerely,
Juanita Holloway-Walters

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  1. Donna Sekeres says:

    Bravo and welcome back Ms. Juanita, my friend…

    • dennis2u says:

      I would totally agree with what Ms. Juanita is saying. One of the guitarists in Tims band that is heavyset also wears an upside down cross that is completely satanic as he is dressed all in black like some sort of priest. Its sad because these artists know what that sign means and are not ignorant to it. All the pentagrams and other types of things they place into there art and lighting effects as the concert plays on… The entire industry is sold out these days it seems, very sad.

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