Most “conspiracy theorists” are “thinking” people, who, absent of all the facts, look at the facts that do exist, and make an intelligent “guess.” For example: Most of us who saw the pictures of the triangulated “alien lights” for over ten years, and told you that it was our own government (or governments) experimenting with a new type of flight device . . . and finally this year – they admit it – and start asking for “official money” to make a goodly quantity of them – – – We were right – not conspiracy theorists. We have been told that there were a consensus of about 20 employees from one corporation on that plane – who have been involved with many types of new science, including CLOAKING research and development. What, I ask you, that man has conceived in “science fiction” has he not made happen? Buck Rodgers went to the moon. Captain Kirk and Spock communicated with little hand held devices they called “communicators.” The new copiers that REPLICATE things like guns – are our first generation “replicators” – if they can do it with “dust” and water – molecules – they can do it with any kind of molecules. I ask that they work on the “ice cream and pastry” replicator before meat and potatoes!!
I ask you to open your mind. If it turns out that this is the solution of scientific minds to force governments to let us know what technology governments are keeping from the average human – my hats off to them. If it turns out that these are terrorists who have murdered hundreds, and our governments are afraid of the worlds populations reaction to such news, then the government that would hide terrorism is not working in man’s best interests. If this possible terrorism is due to a new weapon that destroyed the airplane so quickly and completely that no one pushed a “may day” button, then we need to know of this too. If it is truly terrorism, there must be justice, no matter which of our politicians will be guilty of being in bed with the enemy.

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