MY FB post today regarding payment to illegal aliens IRS refunds for child credit . . .
If the government would not raid my SS and Med funds I paid into for 40 years – they wouldn’t have had this money available to give to those who have broken our Federal LAWS. The illegal alien is making my citizenship irrelevant. Whom in our broken government, has been anything other than a thief. Whom in our broken government deserves my respect. Just like a marriage without dual respect will be broken, so it seems it is with my own government. My government has cheated on me with an illegal alien.
Quote from Washington Times, “The report, written by CIS fellow David North, says the Internal Revenue Service doled out $4.2 billion in what is known as the “additional child tax credit” in 2010 to those using an individual taxpayer identification number, or ITIN, which is usually a signal of an illegal immigrant.”

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