As each day passes, and the White House expands on it’s Mean Spiritedness inflicted on Americans – I think this is fast becoming what my Daddy taught me – Giving them enough rope to hang themselves.
The Debt Ceiling has been raised for 6 weeks to extend the opportunity for the Senate and Obama to do the right thing by the American people. We are only asking for fair. In a huge dealing of unfairness to American Citizens – Obama cronies, Large Corporations, Unions and Congress were either exempted or delayed a year . . . the American People want that same year delay so Americans can let their Congress know how they feel about the bill that HAD TO BE PASSED BEFORE ANYONE COULD READ IT. Now that America has read it, it isn’t what we were told by any stretch of the imagination.
FOLKS, we are winning. Keep calling your Senators and Reed’s office and tell them you want fairness, and at minimum a year’s delay on Obamacare for everyone in America, not just the powerful; and you do not want any Obamacare that is not good enough for those in Congress.

Copyright © 2013 by Juanita Holloway-Walters
All Rights Reserved

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