My response to Int’l. Business Times Video

The House has sent many bills to the Senate that will fund the Government entirely, but not Obamacare – The President did this to America – He gave waivers to his Corporate and political and Union cronies, and delayed Obamacare rules for the Corporations – BUT NOT FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. We The People will not fund the Bill now that we have read it. Remember Pelosi said you have to pass the bill to read it? Well America has read it and is rejecting it. We The People have asked the House to not fund it. The House holds America’s purse strings and this is what balance of power in government is in action. Harry Reid is a liar – period.
opy link to your browser for video —- of Boehner and Reed after meeting with Obama . . . sad day when this is how the world sees America . . . sad.

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