My eyes beheld some kind of perfection . . . at least compared to my limited view of “earthly paradise.” So beautiful was this semi-transparent world of an almost crystalline nature. It appeared to be air-infused, where all un-human objects are connected, in God’s perfection, and entirely un-abused by limits. Each individual human independent of all others seemingly planted into the oneness of everything else that exists. I can only compare this supernatural perfection to man’s tragically defected world in falling from Grace. Keep in mind that one second I was looking at the world as we all see it, and the next few minutes I saw it as a supernatural perfection. In a twinkling of an eye my vision changed from one perspective to another. Yes – it means just what you think it means . . . I have tried so many times to put what I saw for only minutes, so many years ago, into mere mortal words. It gets easier each time, as I mature in His eyes as one of His children.

I have told of the revelation – a miracle – given to me before, and each time I find I am a little closer to describing the indescribable. Man seems to be relatively slowing in his “new” discoveries; and although there are multitudes for him yet to find – that number is finite. There are some answers God would withhold from us. Without the missing dimensions, man will not be able to discover what I witnessed. Men are consumed primarily with willful ignorance, jealousy, greed, vanity . . . sadly more as time passes . . . as evidenced by the sheer numbers who inhabit every habitable corner of the planet. Not becoming wiser with the passing years, but becoming more prone to evil purpose. Remember? There is no such thing as a little sin; for they are all equal.

I should have never thought that I, uneducated in any particular Christian faith, but self-schooled in all faiths, would rise in my Christian belief as others have fallen. In my childhood I was so impressed by those who displayed such Godly purpose. Some, such as Billy Graham have proven to be Godly men. But, there were others that fell from man’s grace, while they retained God’s Grace . . . Oh, how the preaching of Jimmy Swaggart brought me to tears. I dearly loved to hear that man preach on Sunday morning television. As I matured, I was led to more serious Bible study. I woke up one day after a couple of decades of private study of commentators such as Dr. Chuck Missler to find that something had happened to the faithful in America. They were no longer effectively holding Americans to the higher standards that were a direct result of our Judeo-Christian heritage, but seem to be either burrowing in place, or turned to secular religions – even the religion of Atheism.

When I first beheld the revelation, I was sure I could not know what it meant. So, I pondered, and decided it was an answer to one of my more fervent prayers – a deep desire to know how God could know everything we each have done, and will do. I believed it possible because of the evidence in all of creation. When I thought upon every beast, bird, fish, and tree – everything God created for mankind on planet Earth – even the creepy, crawly things I am not so fond of . . . then I thought upon the child I had given birth to . . . I saw God’s creation in absolutely everything. I am truly amazed and forever humbled. The way things work best is when order is recognized in everything around us.

God has answered all of my prayers that were worthy of an answer. The most wonderful of those answers is God’s gift to me of my Christian husband, John. He and I seem to be equal, while being different in the ways the Lord meant for us to be. When marriage is viewed through our eyes, it is something amazing . . . and possible for everyone – the passion – the love – the very endeavor of marriage is defined by John and I. But, as usual, I digress from the subject at hand – the revelation I experienced at least 20+ years ago. Perhaps I will get to writing about the secrets of a really good marriage another day.

I realized almost immediately that I did not completely understand the meaning of the revelation. My first impression was that whether or not you know our Lord Jesus Christ, He knows you. In the view of the world I was allowed to see the concept of Him being in all of us at the same time via His Holy Spirit – since He is God the Creator, it all seemed so simple and easy. Disorder is of evil purpose – and God’s purpose is Order – Divine Order. Order on the scale of the Lord’s creation, is too big a view for mankind to embrace fully. Thus, we cannot know God’s mind. That would be an understatement of colossal proportion. Most Christians are “milk” Christians, and that was I when this revelation happened; therefore this simplistic view of that revelation was all that my mind was capable of at that time.

I find it interesting that well over twenty years later, I finally see the more complex meaning . . . well, let us rather say, I finally see A more complex meaning. It is possible that in 20 more years the Lord will let me see even more meaning that is true. What I see today is the meaning of being trounced out of the Garden of His knowable Perfection. What was taken from us was God’s view of things; and now we are participants in time and space, and limited dimensions. The Bible implies this, and science is catching up . . . in that science now claims that other dimensions exist – but man cannot know them directly. That means that without these other dimensions, the building blocks of science no longer work.

What I glimpsed for a few minutes in the multitude of time was everything perhaps as God sees it, but absolutely as man and woman saw it before being trounced out into our very limited view and existence. I am amazed that there is a serious scientist left on the planet that does not believe in our super-intelligent creation. From General Physical Science to Quantum Physics, order is the defining factor to everything. Once you start digging in the Sciences, you come to realize in that limited knowable stuff we think we have yet to discover, what is unknown is a much larger field than what we know. That is the most shocking fact of the Sciences that there is today. Compounding the issue, just when we think we know something to be fact, we discover something else that sets our “facts” on their ears. To be fair, you can find many scientists who set out to disprove the Bible, and became believers. I am amazed at what people are prepared to believe without a whit of knowledge. The fact that science cannot predict accurately the weather next week makes the fact of so many people buying into the theory of first life altering global cooling, and then twenty years later they believe in life altering global warming. Ignorance sure does love an imaginative story.

What is most amazing about the revelation I saw is not just the “order” of everything, but a mere glimpse of the absolute beauty and perfection of His Creation. Once trounced, Satan continued his pursuit of all mankind, and the fact of our being outside of God’s perfect realm made us easier to get to. God, in His perfection, came up with a perfect plan for our redemption. The rest of the story you already know. God created this time existence we live in, and He sees it all . . . day one . . . day end . . . and the millenniums in-between. He knows you. He knows me. He knows which of us are faithful to our belief in His Gospel. If you do not know the Gospel of Jesus Christ – God coming to man by His own choice to be born as human form – fulfilled the multitude of prophecies of the Old Testament – died by His own decision to do so, for He had the power to not do it – and returning to man and seen by hundreds of witnesses so we would understand the truth and His glory – and that the purpose of our very existence is for His glory – I highly recommend you to study the Bible, and learn the Gospel, and see His signature on every book that He chose to be included in the Bible. We each have nothing to lose if we become believers, and everything to gain by doing so.

We are witnessing in politics as well as many of our churches those who are calling “others” their enemies. From our political leaders to many famous “men of God” preaching that they are the answer to man’s problems. They also own the most evil statement that the ends justify the means – and that means is telling you that instead of America being the Christian nation of good endeavors and a light of example for the world, that America must degrade itself and become a 3rd world nation so all nations in the world will be meager and without hope equally.
How much of what you think is based in negative thoughts?
How much of what you believe is based on “hearsay” instead of your own first-hand knowledge?
How much of what you believe your basic rights are based in other men trying to control you instead of from God?
How often do you identify any gossip you hear as true, instead of seeking out the facts?
You don’t have to tell me or anyone else what you truly think – I implore you to think on those questions with serious endeavor to find the truth for yourself.

Let me give you two such examples . . . First, education . . . Is there a group / culture in America whose children almost always excel in education? Is there a group / culture whose children do not usually finish high school? Does the first group have strong family values? Does the second group not have strong family values? Why is it that the second group is always becoming slaves to other men?
Second, who you work for . . . we just heard President Obama state that your medical care is a right, and not a privilege. Oh, I can see the multitudes praising such thought. They do not think things such as this statement through to completion. If that is true, then the State must own the doctors and nurses who will provide this free treatment. How will they continue to pay for these doctors and nurses (yes, and others like technicians)? As the government is already in the hole, and doesn’t have any money to pay these people, something soon will have to happen . . . they will nationalize these industries, and doctors and nurses will get paid relatively squat. Soon, no one will want to be a doctor or a nurse. Soon after that they will force people to study in these fields – based on genetic tests for the correct aptitudes. NOW the big question – when will you become a slave also? You already are for practical purposes, rooting for the enslavement of doctors and nurses. Oh yes you are – you believe you have a RIGHT to free medical care – which is functionally done by doctors and nurses.

The “thought police” are not running rampant yet, but we do see the “handwriting on the wall.” Write down what you believe – then examine the premise behind what you believe – come to terms with your beliefs as to whether they will or will not promote a good consequence for you and others – think things through to completion. Once you have applied this technique to your own beliefs, you can start to see groups for their good or evil beliefs. You each have the power to see the truth. For example – instead of stating that the revelation I received is impossible or crazy . . . change to the positive thought of “why not?” I believe what I saw as a miracle or revelation that came because of my absolute belief in Him. You could say that I am a flawed person . . . Indeed; you could find many negative things to accuse of me to make you feel better about dismissing what I say to you. None of us are perfect, and we are all flawed . . . Indeed the Lord often chose very flawed people to bring Him to others in the Bible. It isn’t about me, it is about the revelation He gifted me with for a twinkling of an eye in time. All things are possible through our Lord and Savior.

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