Please pay attention to the attached video, and read this introduction. Please also think long and hard about what is being said in this video. Judge Napolitano has the right of the NSA issues that could potentially affect you on any given day in America. If you have any sort of enemy . . . and that enemy reports lies about you to any agency (including IRS) . . . and they go to the NSA to get enough information through your postings in social sites, your emails both work and personal, and even your medical records, they will find something they can twist and construe to be illegal . . . THEN YOU WILL UNDERSTAND THAT YOU ARE SCREWED. The favor bank makes the world go round, and there are negative and positive areas of that favor bank. Most of us do not keep tabs on favors coming or going out in our sphere of friends and family. That doesn’t mean that the bad guys don’t have a mental ledger on you of perceived favors, both good and bad.

Have you wondered why there are so many laws and regulations in so many categories, that no one person or a team of persons could possibly know them all? The ‘powers that be’ depend on so many laws and regulations that one could argue that almost anyone is guilty of something if you dig around enough in their life. YOUR LIFE . . . telephone conversations, emails, work correspondence, happy hour conversations that someone else repeated in a casual correspondence, something you said in church regarding your beliefs, and so on . . . are you sure you are completely without something in your life that could be convincingly manipulated to be seen as law breaking? Not only that, but remember, everything rolls downhill – we have a Federal Administration, a Congress, and a multitude of Judges, all deciding which laws they will enforce, which laws they will not enforce, and how each law will be interpreted, with NO consistency among these entities . . . and no honor. Law is no longer based on the U.S. Constitution, but on elusive case law. What is easily done at the top in America is picked up as normal behavior at State and local levels. You already know – whether you are left or right – whether you support them or not – that they not only twist the truth of matters often, but are capable of outright lying. One of your closest friends could owe someone big time in that invisible favor bank of life and betray you, even though it might break their heart and yours for them to do so – or not.

I have experienced someone lying about me and my activities – and their lawyer was a fellow Mason – and the Judge was a fellow Mason – and they bought my lawyer off to assist them in their ‘sting’ (she was going through a divorce herself, and needed the money).  When they have the power of illegal camaraderie, there is nothing legal or peaceful that you can do to stop them. You walk away with your head held up, understanding that the vengeance of the truth is the Lord’s, and you start your life anew. I was so thankful that I had the Lord, and peace within myself.

Don’t get me wrong, I sorely missed the money and furnishings I lost that were rightfully mine. But, my life does not depend on stick and bricks, for sticks and bricks do not make a home. My happiness did not depend on furnishings I had worked and paid for before the marriage, for I was capable of working and buying them again. Walking away is the right thing to do, when fighting will hurt you more than it will hurt anyone else. When dealing with lies and deceit, there is a time to turn and fight, and a time to thank the Lord you made it out with your faith intact.

For each of us the answers to such dilemmas should be basic. You must measure what has been taken from you to see if it has too great of value for you to lose. Anything that is God given to you – by reason and right of your life – is worth fighting for: your life; your child’s life; your liberty; your honest and Godly path to happiness, and what you have earned through the fruits of your labor. When the issue is one of property that is easily replaced, I would prefer not to fight. When the issue is honor, sometimes it is best to walk away a wiser person. I cannot make these decisions for you, and no one else should have the right to make your decisions. In the instance of America’s independence, men chose to come together and fight together to reclaim their lives to be lived with Judeo-Christian values. The greatest nation of free people was the result. Sadly, it is being dismantled before our eyes, and the majority of Americans do not rightly understand the grand and evil plan that is afoot. I pray daily for the Lord’s will to be done.

Too many will see this video and shrug it off as if it doesn’t really matter or pertain to them. If that describes you, I would ask you to recheck your premise. Should we all work with honest and peaceful determination to bring our nation back into the realms of the U. S. Constitution, making certain that our elected and assigned to office follow the law, and remembering that they are civil servants to the American people? Are you otherwise willing to allow our government to continue to deteriorate until the effects of that deteriorated government affect you or your loved ones? I would ask you to take this video very seriously. I am passing it on to you, and asking that you pass it on to every American you know. If they do not understand this video, please help them to understand this serious issue that affects all Americans.

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  1. Too many people are blind to what is really going on. Our rights are slowly being taken away. The President is using his Executive Orders like free passes. If the Congress and the Senate don’t agree on something, he uses his EO to make a law. That is not constitutional! I pray that they prove this man was born in Kenya, then everything he has done will be repealed. Let’s pray that We th People will wake up before its too late. God bless America.

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