Just a couple of thoughts on American Idol. I picked Candace to win from the trials. A very sweet person who will have a career such as a true diva –  Ella (is it Ella or Memorex? LOL).On last nights show there was a Mariah Carey new music video. I was so ashamed and embarrassed for her. A woman with real talent lowers herself to selling sex on national television. No wonder foreigners think so badly of us when such a video comes from America. I was so embarrassed for her I had to turn my head so my eyes would not burn out of my head. There is such a thing as being American beautiful, and perhaps Amercan wholesome sexy – but porn should not be on American Television – period. I didn’t see anything artistic at all. When I think on a few of her songs that one could actually call Great, I do not understand why a middle aged woman would shame herself that way.


  1. Third thought – Yo Mariah – Watch Faith Hill – American beautiful and sexy.

  2. Donna Sekeres says:

    Don’t watch Idol anymore because of same scene last year from JLo…

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