Williams & Sonoma (I looooove them) has stopped selling pressure cookers for the time being . . . after all, they were reported to be a Weapon of Mass Destruction last week. geeeeez, I have never owned one, because I remember people using them and if not done properly (like one that is damaged in any minuscule way) they have been known to blow up in people’s kitchens!!! I remember actually knowing people this happened to. So, as a young bride a million years ago, I made the decision to take that wedding present back to the store, and get something else –  a Chicken Fryer!!!! A Weapon Of Massive Calorie Intake!!!

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2 thoughts on “NOT WMD BUT WMC FOR ME

  1. Cute – JWH – If you want red beans or pintos at my house, you will need to consider letting me register and keep my pressure cooker background check and all. What’s next do I need too register my iron skillets used for your jalapeño cornbread?

    • I make my pintos with a lb of bacon all diced up and my secret spices (LOL) in a bean pot that my grandmother passed down to my Mamma, and she passed down to me, and my daughter stole out of my kitchen already (not waiting for me to die). It is a porcelain bean pot, and truly beans are the best made in that pot. I am reduced to making my beans in one of my All-Clad pots.I am not saying my ancestors are wrong about the best bean pot- but lo and behold my beans are still fabulous! I do cheat on the cornbread – If you add a tablespoon of sugar to Jiffy Corn Bread Mix – it becomes an addictive treat during dinner’s main course (slathered in real butter) – as a desert disguised as a dinner item. Alas – for Jalopeno Cornbread, instead of the sugar, I mince up 4 jalopenos and add to the Jiffy Corn Bread Mix. Since I am heralded by friends and family as a good cook, I feel it is important to tell when I cheat. Good cooks only cheat when the cheated effort is as good as the scratch method. I will bang any senator over the head with my chicken frying pan, should they vote to take my All-Clad pots and pans away from me, as well as your pressure cooker from you. I think my CHL will cover me carrying the afore-said Chicken Frying Pan under my coat in a special holster.

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