We Baby Boomers remember very well the JFK assassination – and Bobby’s –  and MLK’s. We all remember how we felt about these traumatic and tragic events. These events were such strong indicators in our lives that many of us vowed to become color blind, and teach that to our children. We associated racial resolution with the Kennedy’s and King. While we proceeded to do exactly that in our young adult lives, the effects of LBJ’s presidency was destroying our soul-felt efforts. Most of us grew up saying that LBJ had his fingers in his ears as the shots rang out to murder JFK. It didn’t take rocket science to understand that part of the story. It would not be until America felt the full force of LBJ’s “Great Society”in concert with the activities of the “Ghetto Pimps,” that we Boomers would understand how the murder of JFK would change our nation in a negative way that is being felt right up to today’s economic disasters. I just watched a documentary on What Happened to JFK and Why It Matters Today, by Jim Fetzer, dated January 16, 2012. This has been out for more than a year, and less than a million people have watched it. The number of adults in America is in the range of 280 million. This U-Tube film goes beyond all the guesses I have made over the years. I will be interested to know what you think of this documentary . . .

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One thought on “WHAT HAPPENED TO JFK

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