I saw this question on another Blog, and as I started to answer it I realized that the answer is different at different stages of each Christian’s journey in life. I can only offer my experience, because I can recommend it with sincerity . . .

My life isn’t perfect, as I know that no one’s is. At 60, I have been living with several illnesses that are not going away in this life. I did my best to ignore them for almost twenty years, and worked with full knowledge for about ten years. I have degenerative spine disease (5 major surgeries), and all of the arthritis’s (Rheumatoid is primary and caused dual knee replacement a few Thanksgivings ago, Osteo, and Fibro without the Depression – lucky me to be so blessed). For many years, I awoke at 3 a.m., and then would take my meds and soak in the tub to fight the morning stiffness in all my joints. It was there in that very much alone time that I prayed every day, and often write or read. Spending time alone with the Lord at the beginning of each day balanced me, and made life so much sweeter.

As a child I had felt the presence of the Holy Spirit long before I truly understood. The years came and went and each one with such blessings, I would cry when thinking on them. Of course there was the usual mixture of vinegar and honey so I would know the difference, but everything always worked out for the best – I never lost my joy in life. I was raised with the saying, “good things come to those that wait.” I began the marriage of my dreams at age 45.

As the fall years are flying by, I find that I think of the Lord so many times each day that my morning prayers with the Lord became my life’s 24/7 prayer with the Lord. I still say little formal prayers for loved ones and ones I don’t even know very well, when the situation is in need of special prayer. But my walk with the Lord is never ceasing, and I guess I owe this comfortable state with the Lord to unwavering faith, and finally understanding the scriptures.

You may wonder how this happens. I have sat here and pondered that question. I think it is because I have never become desensitized. I am a mature person that laughs every day – a lot. I am very well read, but do not read sex or violence that exists just for the sake of sex and violence. Therefore, I also don’t watch television or movies with those themes, and I don’t surround myself with people who are living senseless lives. Good and evil do exist, and both are bigger than each of us. We draw to ourselves that which we become, and what we become is a choice. We can either strive to live our imperfect lives as a journey with the Lord, or we strive to do it on our own without the Lord. Doing our best for God, is living our lives with Him every hour of every day – not as a burden, or a badge of honor, but as a constant awareness within us. Because of my choice I am never alone, are you?

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  1. Juanita

    Your best one yet! It was a full day here and as we sat watching the sun dip behind the lake I read your blog to Jane. We enjoyed discussing God together and pray for your comfort. Thank you.

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