My Thought for the day . . .

Jesus was no wimp. We were just reminded of that on Easter. However, you could argue that Jesus would approve of our American ideal of equal justice under the law . . . except if we were all with Jesus, we would have no need of the law. It isn’t the ideal of social justice via socialism or communism that should scare you if Jesus would be your King on earth today. I assure you that Hitler, Mao, Stalin, etc. were not Christians, nor were they remotely good men. I am amazed when looking at current polls in America how many ignorant people really do seem to want socialism and even Communism . . . surely they know that the Racists or Dictators who would be our leaders would be exact opposite of Jesus. Utopia is only possible in Heaven. The world I see via my internet and television is nothing like heaven.

One thought on “My Thought for the day . . .

  1. Todd Bowser says:

    Nicely said!

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